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    When create a subscriber manually, it prompts error:
    WordPress database error Field 'ip' doesn't have a default value for query INSERT INTO wp_knewsusers (email, lang, state, joined, confkey) VALUES ('','en', 2, '2013-09-09 13:50:33','2ec4cd90'); made by do_action('k-news_page_knews_users'), call_user_func_array, KnewsPlugin->KnewsAdminUsers, require('E:\website\localuser\\wwwroot\wp360\wp-content\plugins\knews\admin\knews_admin_users.php')

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  • Any response to this please – becoming most urgent.

    Here’s a fix

    Change the structure of the table wp_knewsusers to specify a default value for all the varchar columns that are set to not null – especial the field IP.

    Watch out for next upgrade of plugin – might get overriden?????

    Plugin Author creverter


    The ID field should be auto-increment, maybe you are lost this param in a database import-export?

    From the includes/knews_installDB.php:

    $sql = “CREATE TABLE ” .KNEWS_USERS . ” (
    email varchar(100) NOT NULL,
    state varchar(2) NOT NULL,
    joined datetime NOT NULL,
    confkey varchar(32),
    lang varchar(12) NOT NULL,
    ip varchar(45) NOT NULL,
    UNIQUE KEY id (id)


    Please, check everything in the tables estructure, and give us feedback!

    The problem is not the auto increment, the problem is where you specify a column as not null and you do no provide a default value. The insert statement does not provide a value for the column ip, MySQL then has to fill the column with a default value, which in this instance does not exist, which in turn causes the INSERT to fail.

    A more correct syntax for the columns which are not null would be
    [column name] NOT NULL DEFAULT ” – now when you do not specify a value for this column in the INSERT statement MySQL will know what to do.

    BTW It is also good SQL practise to create a PRIMARY KEY for every table, instead of using only a UNIQUE KEY, a table can have multiple UNIQUE KEYs but only one PRIMARY KEY.

    Hope that helps

    Plugin Author creverter


    Oh! I’m sorry!!! I read ID, not IP!!! You’re right, it’s a bug…

    Next release will solve the issue: Knews 1.4.9

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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