Support » Plugin: WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce » BUG: components remain hidden in the cart after a bundle is set as “draft”

  • Hi!

    I noticed a delicate bug in our store that I will try to describe below.

    Imagine that I have a bundle with some simple products as components.

    Then, a customer adds this bundle to the cart, but does not complete the purchase.

    Then, we set this bundle as a “draft”, but the components are still available for individual purchase.

    If the customer who had this product in the cart decides to buy something else, he will no longer see the old products in the cart, but they are still counted.

    The total purchase price includes these hidden products, but the products are not listed in the account panel or in the confirmation email. On the backend, we can see these products at the customer’s order.

    This is a serious problem, because if we make changes to bundles, customers may be charged improperly, generating unnecessary friction.

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