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  • Hello,

    Need help!!

    I just launched my website today and I noticed that the color of fonts, buttons, and hovers are changing by themselves. I go back to the editor and make the corrections, it gets fixed, and then it brakes again…

    This seems to be some sort of a bug

    The site has been built in Elementor

    Thanks in advance for the support!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I’m encountering the same issues. Global Colors and Fonts seem to be part of the problem but I’m not sure. I’ve done all standard debug routines and replicated the issues on a clean WP install.

    Nice site by the way!

    SAme here… new elementor version/global fonts and colours messing up.

    It sounds like caching issues. Some users do not experience these issues, others like you suffer from them.

    Make sure you are using the latest version of Elementor 3.0.5.
    Then, check if the “regenerate CSS” tool helps. You can also switch the CSS print method and verify if it fixes the issue temporarily.
    Check if you can fix the issue by saving the page again. If this is the case, then the issue might be due to your server cache.
    In this case, let me know which one it is.

    Do not hesitate to share screenshots and links to the pages as well. It can help to debug.

    Can you send screenshots of the issue for this page?

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    So, I just followed all the troubleshooting but the issue is not fixed yet

    For a moment it did work and everything was back to normal – once I cleared the cache

    Then I refreshed some minutes later and the issue came back

    Basically what I have noticed is that I fix the issue of hover color of menus and some dividers, and something breaks somewhere else, in this case, fonts color and buttons color in about page and the journal posts)… if I fixed the latter, the former gets broken, and vice-versa…

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    I noticed something new… so if I fix the color of the hover in the menu, all other pages get fixed automatically, every little detail that got broken before.. then it may just get broken again…

    For my menu I am using a plugin called “Full Screen Menu for Elementor”, I wonder if it could be something related with that..?

    This bug has also been reported in Github. After two days, still no fix.

    Has anyone found a fix yet?

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    I haven’t been able to fix the problem yet

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    I am still unable to fix this issue and it’s very annoying…
    Any additional thoughts?

    My journal section is getting affected, which is not great because I am sharing articles with potential leads. Being a branding company, things are expected to look sharp

    I’ve had a response from my support ticket …5 days! (Think it’s because I commented below their Facebook ad)

    Regen css, try different css methods, blame the host/cacheing,…

    Hopefully Elementor are working on the issue and will issue yet another version shortly.

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    Any updates anyone..?

    This issue is not resolved and it gets worst and worst… literally, the style of the page is braking

    Very frustrating

    What was the out come of the fix. I’m still having the same problem.

    I am also having a similar problem.

    With Elementor set to inherit theme fonts, and theme headings set to Century Gothic (san serif), I’m seeing Serif instead.

    Please advise, thanks!

    I also have a similar problem. All my buttons change in colors and the hover effect changes as well when I edited something else on the website. I also believe that the font change. Is it possible to see ones history of changes. Or is this a bug?

    Same issue over here.
    3x times the global colors where deleted by now.
    Do you have any automated updates for elementar but not for elementar pro could be a reason…?
    All the best!

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