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  • It’s a well known fact that changing your database password throws a “cannot connect to database” error.

    Has anyone found a hack to get around this bug? The only workaround, which really isn’t a workaround, is reinstalling wordpress.

    Being able to change the password is needed when your site is hacked, etc..

    It would be great if the WordPress developers would fix this issue. It has always been a frustrating issue to deal with.


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  • A “well known fact”?

    I’ve never had that problem. As long as the password that you change it to is correct then you won’t get that message. You only get that error message if yur database connection details are incoorrect, so if you change your password for the database and then set that in your wp-config.php file and that error shows, it means that there’s been more changed then just the password.

    As long as you change to the password in wp-config.php, I’ve never had this problem.

    Yes this has been know for years. Ive been working with wordpress since its inception, on every known hosting platform. WordPress does not like it when you change the password. It throws a db connection error every time.

    Just shocked this is still an issue after all of these years.

    Ive even made a screenshot video long ago, on different hosting platforms, and WordPress still would not address it. Lol

    The only time that WordPress doesn’t like it if you change the database password is if you don’t change in on the database user and in the wp-config.php file. Both have to be done together.

    Changing the password for the database user changes it there, but doesn’t tell WordPress that it’s changed – and that’s not WordPress’s fault. Changing it in WordPress but not for the database user won’t change it for the database user on the server, so it won’t work – and again that’s not the fault of WordPress.

    I would be interested in seeing just how you are changing the password and where and if you are doing in both places as I’ve said above. Do you still have a link to that video?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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