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    Just to inform you – your plugin is currently breaking my site. Had to deactivate it backend as causing critical error.

    It first seemed to be conflicting with another plugin – Nav Menu Roles, though this was working seemlessly at first.

    Please could this be looked into so I can reactivate as I really like your plugin and have had it for months with the prospect of purchasing add ons when I’m ready to launch site.

    Thank you

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    As an update – I deactivated PMP and Elementor pages would no longer load. So I deactivated all plugins and reactivated one by one. When reactivating PMP, elementor pages loaded again, but the conflict I was first experiencing with Nav Menu Roles occurred, even with Nav Menu Roles deactivated.

    I’ve had to deactivate PMP again and reactivate Nav Menu Roles, and now elementor is working again and there is no conflict on nav menus that I was experiencing.

    This is a bit of a nightmare as it’s definitely something to do with this plugin.

    Plugin Author Andrew Lima


    Hi @kayhagueuniforum

    I’m sorry to hear about the issue you are facing here.

    Could you please provide me with your fatal error message if you receive an email from your WordPress installation or debug.log file?

    Also could you please confirm the versions of Paid Memberships Pro, Elementor and Nav Menu Roles you are using?

    I’d like to look into this further.

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    Hello Andrew

    Thank you for your response. I’ve had your plugin deactivated since my first message. Just tried again, still same problem.

    I can’t see the error message now, sorry.
    I also cannot find the email anymore.

    Nav menu roles Version 2.1.0
    PMP Version 2.7.5
    Elementor Version 3.6.2
    Elementor pro Version 3.6.4

    How can I send you a screenshot of what the plugin is doing to my site due to the conflict?

    I’d really like to use this plugin, as besides this issue, its been perfect. Just not sure how to resolve it, and currently I have no membership site.

    Thank you

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    Hello, further note on this issue – it appears it only occurs to logged out users. When logged in, the issue doesn’t appear. I am trying to rack my brains around what could possibly be causing this – have looked into roles etc but can’t figure it out. Can I please send you screen shots of logged in/logged out view of the issue, or view my site as logged out and you should see the issue clearly.

    Thank you

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    OMG you wont bloody believe it, but I’ve fixed it!! You’ve no idea how happy I am now after over a week of this haha

    For your info, (tho I’m still not sure why exactly this caused this issue), but I edited the header’s role visibility permissions on each broken item from within Elementor. This sounds like such an obvious solution I know, but it really wasn’t as I’d never before had this problem and wasn’t even aware these permissions were set since I used a different widget before in the sections in question. Plus, Elementor was preventing me from page editing access to even check while PMP was activated before.

    I’ve always used Nav Menu Roles alongside this plugin, and never had a problem, and even with Nav Menu Roles deactivated, the problem still persisted. But I think because I changed my navigation headers from icons/buttons to the WP Nav widget, the nav menu widgets conflicted with PMP visibility settings and broke my site.

    So happy to have my membership back and nav menus functioning properly without Elementor preventing me from page editor access!!

    I can now sleep peacefully… zzzz… 🙂

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