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  • This bug is involved on two specific areas in the Users area of wp-admin.

    1. Add User: Located below the user list, the “Website” and “Password” field are autocompleted by Firefox and other browsers with autocomplete turned on. Problem is, these fields should NOT be autocompleted given the nature of them. Website is being filled in with the username I saved for my WordPress login.
    2. Edit User: “Jabber / Google Talk” and “New Password” (first field, not confirm password field) are having the same issue. It’s pulling in an autocomplete value for my stored username/password. These fields/forms should be set to have autocomplete off.

    So as you can see.. there are some issues with autocomplete and the Users page. There could be more across the admin-side, but this seems like the only place I’ve seen it happening.

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  • I can confirm this. i have multiple users, and each user sees their information on the above-mentioned areas. But none of that is actually registered, I believe. It is auto filled every time you open the page.

    Yes exactly, these fields (if empty) will show the autocomplete values which aren’t being pulled from the database and are browser-side. So applying some of the standard autocomplete off html code should help.

    I made a plugin that does this automatically using javascript / jquery but it doesn’t work for Firefox.

    Looks like they’ve fixed this in WP 2.7

    BTW, don’t submit bugs here, this is definitely not the place, submit bugs to for maximum efficiency in Bug Reporting.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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