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  • Hello all!

    I have the same problem described here with the wordpress importer (wordpress to wordpress), about the attachment “guid” not being generated as a link to the file itself, but instead as a link to the “attachment ID”

    With the result that I’m now unable to browse the uploads file in the admin section (just a square with the name of the file)… If I click on this name of the file to see it’s link, again, there is no link to the file itself, but to the attachment ID…

    It’s weird, because when I open the XML file exported from wordpress in notepad++, I really see the “guid” as a link to the file itself ( but when it is imported in the database, it appears as a link to the attachment ID… (

    Worst… I use the post-image plugin from Kaf, wich rely on the “guid” information to display attachment images.

    I’ll maybe find a workaround, but I wonder if this is not a bug in the import function ?

    I saw some tickets in trac.wordpress about a guid problem with the RSS importer :

    But nothing about the attachment guid with the WordPress importer…

    1) It is a normal behavior ? If so, then, there is a problem because all the links of the uploads are now useless, along with the manage uploads panel.

    2) Does anybody could imagine a quick fix for this… ?



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  • Really sorry to bump this up, but I really wonder if this is a normal behavior or a bug to report… Or if I have to scratch my head few hours more to find what I’m missing with this import feature… 😉


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