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  • I’ve recently noticed that if a category title has an apostrophe ‘ in it, as in “Bob’s Category“, the category page will display all blog posts (like the blog home page) and not just that specific category’s posts.

    I’ve had to remove all apostrophes from the names of my categories to get the category pages functioning properly.


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  • I cannot reproduce your error. When you create a category with an apostrophe in it the apostrophe will be removed from the category slug. So If I create a new category and name it “Bob’s Category” the category name will remain “Bob’s Category” but the slug will be “bobs-category”. Even if you try and add the apostrophe to the Category slug WordPress will remove it.

    Can you post a link to a category page that is doing this?

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for reading the post. Yes, the slug automatically removes the apostrophe, but the problem (for me) persists. Granted, I suppose it could be theme or plug-in related.

    Check out the phenomenon in action here:

    Style > Tips & How-to’s
    Beauty > Men’s Grooming

    The live site (with apostrophes removed and working fine) can be viewed here:

    Thanks Chris,


    Yes I can see where posts from all categories are showing up on the archive for Tips & How-to’s and Men’s Grooming.

    Try reseting your permalinks by going to settings-permalinks and just click the update or save button a few times. If that doesn’t work try switching to the default theme (twenty twelve) and disabling all plugins and see if the problem goes away. If so re enable each one to find the culprit.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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