• The concept of helpie is really good , however the most important function for me does not work. I can not automatically integrate FAQ articles to certain product categories automatically.
    The existing function in the Pro-VAriante (which I bought for this purpose) always returns the error message:
    In your site not found product categories, please add some categories for better customization of Product FAQ Relations.
    Of course I have created several product categories, but Helpie does not find them.

    I have been trying to contact support for 2 weeks, but have not received an answer via email or Freemius support system – very frustrating and money spent for nothing.
    I had the suspicion that this error was related to our WooCommerce installation, so I have additionally run a new wordpress – WooCommerce installation in which no plugins and only a few test data.
    To my great astonishment also here the same error message, I do not understand the world more.

    I have not had to make such a bad support experience in the last 5 years as now with helpie.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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