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  • After playing with this all day, I can see a few things this plugin needs to make it actually usable for me. If I was better at php and css I could probably figure out how to do this myself, but hopefully there is someone out there who can help.

    1. The width of the bug display list is way too narrow. Why not show all the fields on one row? The description could also be shown in a text area. I have modified my 2011 child theme to be 1024px wide (which works) and attempted to widen everything in the stylesheet.css that comes with the plugin, but that had no effect. After I get that working, I can probably re-arrange the display fields to my liking.

    2. The shortcode [bug-library bugstatusid=’13,15′ ] shows no results even if there are bugs in both status 13 and 15. Maybe this multi select only works with bugcategorylist

    3. I need to be able to sort them on a page by resolution date, like the way “change filter” works.

    4. When I click on the title of a bug on a page or post display, the priority field disappears. It would be better if all the fields stayed in the same order and size but the description field simply expanded.

    That’s all for now. I hope this plugin is worth investing in and is not a dead end and I wish I had time could help with the enhancement of it.

    The admin part of this is pretty good, meaning that I can enter all my bug data and descriptions but the reporting needs some help.

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  • FYI: This id RonStrilaeff, is the new “real” of tulacat (which won’t be used any more). I have been using tulacat as a test user on various web projects, but decided a few days ago that I need a professional presence here on

    Jack (Yannick?), I see on your website that you are busy with a major project until June 2012 so I understand that we should not expect much feedback here.

    I have solved or worked around items 1 and 4 in the previous post to may satisfaction.

    And I realize now that item 2 is part of the design and that the typeid, statusid and priorityid can only match a single value.

    But when you (or some other developer) have time, number 3 is the one that would really be nice to have. I need some way to sort the list of bugs by resolution date but I see that is stored in the postmeta key “bug-library-resolution-date” which I don’t have time to figure out how to work with outside of raw sql.

    Thanks! Ron

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