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  • Resolved wisecapt


    If you create a multiple choice question and enable the checkbox “Different points for each answer”

    Assume the following

    Answer A is worth 2 point.
    Answer B is worth 1 point.
    Answer C is worth 1 point.
    Answer D is worth 0 point
    Answer E is worth 0 point

    The user selects answers A,B,C,D,E as correct answers. This will give the user 4 points. The user will get the highest points possible.

    In this condition, if the student ALWAYS selects all the answers, they will always get the highest points possible scored for this type of question. There needs to be a -1 point deduction on selecting wrong answers. This way, students will not select all the possible answers as correct and get a point deduction when selecting wrong answers.

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  • Plugin Author xeno010


    Hello wisecapt,

    it is mentioned to be this way. It is using “bonus mode” concept for multiple choice questions.

    You have to assign points for D and E and mark them as wrong, so it will be as you want it.

    With best regardings

    Hi Xeno010,

    Thank you for your response. I was trying to add negative points to Wp Pro Quiz, but the plugin does not allow you to assign negative points “-1” value to answer choices that are incorrect. The only values you can assign are 0 and positive numbers to multiple choice answers.

    When i tested, I tried to enter in a negative value (-1) for answer choices D and E, I found out this is not allowed. When assigning a negative value to choices D and E a message box comes up and says “No number in the field “Points” or less then 0″

    So in the bonus mode concept, if the user selects all the possible answers, the user will get all the possible points possible. Please consider being able to subtract points if the user picks the wrong bonus mode answers.

    If negative points can be assigned to wrong answers to a question, this will discourage quiz takers from selecting all the answers and will encourage quiz takers to only select the correct answers to get the highest amount of bonus mode points.

    Your quiz program is great and I cant wait to see the new features you put into the next released version!! I just want to thank you again for all the hard work you put into building WP Pro Quiz

    Plugin Author xeno010


    Hello wisecapt,

    you have to assign positive numbers, and if you don’t mark the answer as right, it will be counted as wrong. Negative values maybe will be added in later releases.

    If you do it as described above, user won’t get all possible points for the answer. In this case user wont get all possible points. Just try it out and you will see what i mean.
    I hope your question has been answered now.

    PS: thanks for your help and suggestions regarding to my plugin.

    With best regards

    Always glad to offer suggestions and help out where I can help others, or notifying you about a bug.

    There is one other thing I hope you can take a look at.
    There appears to be a problem in the CLOZE type questions when adding HTML code or inserting pictures. On the front end, instead of showing the picture, it displays the HTML picture reference.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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