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  • Colorbox CSS is loaded even when Colorbox option is not enabled

    On line 12 of widget.php, the add_action function is always called, even when the $instance['colorbox'] is false. This results in a link element to wp-content/plugins/yakadanda-instagram/css/colorbox-.css being generated, which results in a 404 error

    Clicking on images does nothing when Colorbox is not loaded

    It’s nice that the widget gives us an option to not use Colorbox, but when Colorbox isn’t loaded I don’t think the images should have onclick='return false' on them. Wouldn’t, you know, a link to the images be better?

    Here’s my modification to the line that outputs the a HTML element

    echo '<li><a target="_blank" href="' . $datum->link . '" title="' . yinstagram_get_excerpt(str_replace('"', "'", (string) $datum->caption->text)) . '">';

    No empty titles?

    For some reason on line 16 you decided that the user must have a title – if it’s empty it gets replaced with ‘Yakadanda Instagram’. Why, especially since later on the code, as with most other widget code, accommodate the case where there isn’t? (if $title is empty then the title isn’t shown)

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