• Neziah


    Potentially, 40,000+ people are losing money with each order using Dokan.

    The earnings displayed for Vendors individual “Orders” under “Earning From Order:” is wrong/incorrect. It does not subtract/deduct the payment (e.g. PayPal, Strip, etc.) gateway/processor feesโ€ฆ..

    In the image below you will see the “PayPal fee” of $0.71 and the “PayPal payout” amount of $13.28 (this is the amount to be received in my bank after PayPal take their fee from the Order Total)

    However, displayed under the “Earnings from Order” (amount to be paid-out to Vendor) is $13.39 (Note: “Admin Commission”, is set at 10%). This Earnings value only subtracts/deducts the Admin Commission of 10% (which is $0.60) on “Item Total” of $5.99, shipping $8.00 is passed to Vendor with no commission.


    Link to image: https://ibb.co/fNmvBrk

    Quick math: 1 + 1 = 2

    Now remember I’m only receiving in my bank $13.28 but I have to payout to the vendor $13.39

    13.28 – 13.39 = -0.11

    However, Dokan is reporting (in it’s reports, see image below) I made a commission of $0.60


    Link to image: https://ibb.co/zsg5NLk

    While my bank is saying I made a loss of -0.11. I can’t payout $13.39 to a Vendor when I only receive $13.28 in cash from from PayPal. This plugin is making me lose money.

    The correct calculation:
    Order Total – Payment gateway fees (PayPal, stripe, etc.) – Admin Commissions = Vendor Earnings/Earning From Order

    $13.99 – $0.71 – $0.60 = $12.68 (the amount to be paid-out to Vendor)

    For those like me that are slow:
    $13.28 (amount received in Bank) – $12.68 (amount paid to Vendor) = $0.60 (my commission, amount left in bank and reported by Dokan).

    How can this be fixed?

    I know this is long but I’m almost done.

    I believe the main cause of this issue is Dokan is calculating and displaying the Earnings (see image below) for each product before it is even sold. This is a bad (counting your chickens before the eggs hatch) practice.

    Opera-Snapshot-2020-05-09-121606-product-earnings<br />upload image and share<br />

    Link to image: https://ibb.co/PFMtP5B

    Basically, from what I understand Dokan simply calculates the earnings per product. If the product quantity is increased or additional products included it adds all the earnings together. This will always provide wrong values.

    To correct this only calculate and display the earnings (in Individual Orders and Withdraw area) only after an order is placed and completed based on my suggested calculations above.

    FYI: I’m a Pro customer and submitted this to support but I have not received any response yet.

    I believe this is critical to how Dokan operates, affecting thousands of people and should be fixed ASAP. If you have any questions please let me know.


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  • Plugin Support Nazmul Hassan


    Hello @neziah,

    I really appreciate your finding and we are thankful to you that you have taken a long time to describe each point correctly. Our support team already replied to your ticket and we will definitely make a full test on this scenario. If we found a similar issue then instantly we will fix it and push an update.

    Kindly allow us a little bit of time.

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚



    Thanks @nazmulhassann20 for your response.

    Our support team already replied to your ticket

    I can confirm to this date I have not received any response/reply to my ticket related to this issue from your support team. If someone informed you of this or this originated from you. Sadly it’s not true, which brings into question the validity of the remainder of your statement. See image below:


    Link to image: https://ibb.co/26J41CD

    In fact I have 5 other bug opened tickets with no response and other bugs discovered which I have not yet submitted. As this bug is top priority.

    Hopefully, this issue can get can get resolved quickly.


    Plugin Support Nazmul Hassan


    Hello @neziah,

    I am sorry but due to COVID-19 we are getting 5 times higher number of tickets. Kindly allow us some time to get back to you through the ticket very soon. Also, we are working on the bug you have mentioned related to PayPal ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have one question for you, are you using PayPal Standard? Because on your screenshot we can see that the PayPal fee is showing on the order details area.

    Plugin Support Nazmul Hassan


    Hello @neziah,

    You might be using PayPal checkout however, we suggest you to use WooCommerce Standard PayPal gateway as Dokan subscription works on it fine ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, we are solving the issue for PayPal Standard gateway ๐Ÿ™‚



    Thanks @nazmulhassann20 for your response and confirming that this issue exits in Dokan.

    Note: This should be fixed for all supported payment gateways (all have fees) and not only PayPal.

    I have one question for you, are you using PayPal Standard?

    I’m using WooCommerce PayPal checkout.

    I’ve tested PayPal Standard, Dokan do not display/show PayPal Fees and Payout Amount in the Vendor Order page when using PayPal Standard. I would suggest Dokan show this information for transparency and correct Vendor Earnings calculations.

    Will this information be added to PayPal standard?


    Hi @nazmulhassann20

    I saw this issue was address in the latest Dokan lite release. I hope this will be fixed/applied for all supported payment gateway as well.

    Fix: Deduct PayPal gateway fee from vendorโ€™s earning #830

    However, there is now a secondary bug/issue which is causing Vendors to lose money with Dokan.

    When “PayPal Identity Token” feature is enabled in PayPal Standard as shown below:


    Link to Image: https://ibb.co/YjqJVq5

    The “Payment gateway processing fee” of 0.71 is deducted/subtracted twice. Which again results in providing the wrong “Earning From Order” of $11.97 . The correct amount should be $12.68.

    Now Dokan is deducting/subtracting to much PayPal Fees from the Vendors earnings which is causing them to lose money. See image below:


    Link to Image: https://ibb.co/180rrGf

    Additionally, in the image below you can see many transitions are doubled or executed twice.


    Link to Image: https://ibb.co/gPBqsq5

    This is because even if “IPN Email Notifications” feature is disabled/off, Dokan is still firing/executing it. Which cause both the IPN and PDT to execute hence the double fees deduction and other transactions. This bug/error did not happen in previous versions of Dokan.

    Note: If “IPN Email Notifications” only is enabled and “PayPal Identity Token” is disabled/not used, this bug/issue does not occur in PayPal Standard.

    This need to be fixed ASAP as it will affect many. I’ve already submitted this to support to which I’ve once again not received a reply.


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