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  • I have installed BuddyPress, BuddyStream and enabled Twitter and Flickr inside it but I am getting absolutely no updates.

    Can you help?

    My host says: “I am receiving no errors whatsoever when trying to run the command, it’s like it completes with the -f flag however no output and no action is being made.”

    What should i be checking over?

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  • @mercime


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    Did you check with webhost about requirements:
    PHP 5.2.1+ – CURL – JSON – CRONJOB access

    Yes. Here’s the setup:

    “PHP is at version 5.3.17, curl is enabled both via commandline and in PHP, and we should support JSON.”

    Any idea how I can check in to this.
    I set the cron job itself to email me when it does its thing, but nothing happens. Host support is pointing at the script, not at a cron failure.

    Surprised and disappointed that a) this product doesn’t work (for me, at least) and b) has such poor feedback. Shame – it does just what I need.

    Author, are you out there? (No response).

    Don’t expect any response here, parakeet, here or on the “BS” site.

    Has anyone gotten this working? Paid for premium and no support.. Only received silence and forums full of spam…

    Paid for a license but wanted to try it first on my test server. So I asked BuddyStream to change my license to my live server. No response.

    Paid for nothing…. Very disappointed…

    I am ready to report this to WordPress as a scam…

    Help anyone…

    I am ready to report this to WordPress as a scam

    Why? Third party commercial plugins are nothing to do with

    This is also a community and people come here to find plugins. So I want to make people in the WordPress community aware that this plugin is a scam

    @brianjschweitzer – i think you are a rather angry little person – i use it, i am a regular user, and it worx for me and mys users

    @maddogmcewan do you have a premium account? how did you manage to make it work?

    I have purchased a premium account 2 weeks ago and I cannot find a way to make it work. I used the licence key for the cron job and I went through the documentation they have, but nothing.
    In addition, they won’t reply to any tickets I sent in their support desk and there’s not other way to communicate with them.
    The whole experience is just really bad.

    @kat_indo … my skype is [moderated] or u can get hold of mwe on chat at Difficult to say… we need to compare installs… you are going to have to tell me a bit more about install, plugins etc… I will do my best to assist…

    My install works… well almost too well… some users really import a lot of nonsense … but you can control that. Let’s start by getting your install details, eg WP versions, BP versions… main plugins etc… We will also have to take a big look at yer FB app settings… they must be correct

    @maddogmcewan Is your buddystream plugin double importing? Mine is double and triple posting content sometimes. Sent a support ticket 2 months ago and no response. I see that you have buddystream on your site and I really need help getting it to stop double and triple posting content.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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