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  • I know this is the WordPress forum but no one seems to be alive in the Buddypress forum so maybe some one here can help…

    Here is the post string so far….

    jon73 said 7 hours, 21 minutes ago:

    I recently finished building a buddypress site that I had to build in a sub directory of the hosting root because the clients other site needed to remain live. After I had copied all the files across to the root directory, changed all the path addresses to the new address ( to and made the changes to the config php file everything seemed to work. Users could register and interact and the page and blog content worked as it should.

    However when a user logs in firefox kicks up a redirect problem but when you click back in the browser it shows that you have logged in ok. The more serious problem however is that if as a regular subscriber you try to access your blogs dashbord (after successful login) you are taken to a wordpress login page. When you enter you login details you remain on the login page and your details are cleared from the form boxes. There is no error message.

    But my woes don’t stop there…. as the main administrator of the site when I go to the blog list page in the “Super Admin” site dashboard and click the “dashboard” link under a blog name I get taken to the same login page.

    All these blogs have been created post migration to the root directory.

    Please PLEASE please can some one get in touch asap on how I can resolve this problem. If its easier to talk on skype about it let me know your skype info.

    jon73 said 6 hours, 43 minutes ago:

    Right I have worked out that in the main admin dashboard where I can edit user blogs, in the “Blog info (wp_blogs)” section the domain field is dropping the www. If I add the www. and then update, then go to “Users” (in Site admin menu) the users role has been changed to “no role for this blog”. If I then change the role to subscriber and save that user will have access to their blog dashboard.

    So, how do I fix it so that when the user registers the www is not dropped from the domain and they are given a subscriber role?

    I have checked the database siturl fields and all are set to the www address

    jon73 said 6 hours, 24 minutes ago:
    just a thought….

    When editing the database from (or to should I be putting the http:// infront of all referrences to that domain?….VERY new to databasing here so really appriciate the help.

    Please can someone help…
    Many thanks

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