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  • Hello!

    Your plugin works really fine – thanks a lot for your work! I combined it with Autoptimize & WP Speed of light and get great results. This beats a lot of other (commercial) plugins – and I really tried a lot of other solutions…

    Just one thing: BuddyPress generates pages that don´t have any “physical” pages (the ones you find in /wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=page). So there´s no way to select this pages in WP Scripts & Styles Optimizer. I´m using Geo my WP so users can add their location on an extra tab in the BuddyPress profile settings. Now I noticed the Google Map does not display there because I filtered the Google Maps API JS. Unfortunately there is no way to add this virtual page to the filter (even tried all other options).

    Do you have any plans to add an url-based filter?
    E.x.: From this url a filter that searches for “/location/” could add the JS in this case.

    Just a wish: A user-state-filter for “user logged in” or “user logged out” would help, too.

    Keep on the great work!

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  • Plugin Author Hendrik Lersch


    Yeah, i know about the Buddypress problem, respectively the problem with virtual pages in general. When i first wrote the plugin i found out quickly that i need a secure system to identify any single page/url. Since you can freely change the URL behaviour (Pretty permalinks), i have chosen the WordPress query parameters, because they are independent from the permalinks-settings.

    Actually i don’t have any plans (nor any idea how) to change this. Maybe i add such a feature in the future but it’s not a priority right now.

    But maybe you can just go one level down into that url and add it then. For Example:

    If you have the URL, it cannot be added but if you remove the username you can add the site, because it’s not virtual anymore. Sure, you can’t make settings for a specific single user but for all user pages at once.

    Concerning the condition-filters, the next version will have a slightly changed conditions-menu and i add a few options, including the login status. Longer term goal is to make it flexible enough to add a WordPress hook, so users can add their own conditions or change the existing ones.

    Best regards

    Hi Hendrik,

    thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately I can´t change the URL because BuddyPress is setting the structure. The only thing I can do is setting the pages for users, activity, register and activation.

    So when I set the users page to the page “search”, every page after this (“/test02/location/” in this case) is set by BuddyPress:

    So I think setting a filter for the parent page does not work. Or does a parent page include all other pages below?

    A parent page filter for

    works for the page

    but not for

    Correct? (I think I tested it like this)

    Best regards,

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    Plugin Author Hendrik Lersch


    Oh, i thought you talking about a “single page” setting? But even with global conditional filters you could set a normal page condition i.e. for the “search” page, if it’s a real wordpress page. The is_page() condition should then also be true for the virtual pages “test02” and “location”, because they are just variables to get another content.

    Hope it helps 🙂

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