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BuddyPress Problem (Link Issue)

  • Hey Everyone,

    First, I have tried everyone from my hosting company to the individual I purchased the theme from, and I really need some help.

    Here is my website http://www.ProjectCasting.com.
    1. Currently it is using buddypress as a social networking tool.

    2. I had problems installing group forums, but that was later fixed.

    3. Now, links to the groups on the mainpage deliver a 404 error because when someone clicks the link it adds “/forum/” to the end of the hyperlink. For example, “http://www.projectcasting.com/groups-2/movies/forum/”

    4. But, the same link works properly as “http://www.projectcasting.com/groups-2/movies/” minus the “/forum/”

    5. So my question is how can I can edit the webpage so the links work properly.

    Thank you everyone for your help I really appreciate it.


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