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    Hi, is there some code I could add to the BuddyPress Links hook to award or deduct points for either a thumbs up or thumbs down vote? For example if I posted a link and I got 10 thumbs up, I get 5 points for each thumbs up my links receives (so awarded 50 points in he example case), yet if I get 10 thumbs down I lose 10 points for each (so deducted 100 points in this example case).

    I know I can get points for voting on other links, but not sure if I can do what I want to do as in the example above.

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  • Plugin Author Gabriel



    I would have to go though the plugin and see how we could accomplish this as I am not that familiar with the plugin.

    It would be an awesome hook if you could my friend, allows the MyCred system to punish people for spamming the links directory with rubish links, at the moment they can just vote on any links and get paid points and upload spam links to get points. If this could work somehow the user could stand to lose more points than they gain for posting a bad link, thus making the point system and the BuddyPress Links plugin a strong force for driving quality content. Hope you could do this!

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    If it’s ok with you I will have a look at it over the weekend and post you an update on Monday.

    Yeah that’s cool buddy, thanks for looking into it, I really appreciate it!!

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    I have updated the 1.4 Beta which now includes two new options for this hook allowing you to award / deduct points for up and down votes. Try it out.

    Hi gabriel, awesome work on the new version!

    The links (reward/deduct) feature doesn’t seem to be working, I’ve tried it as an admin and a member on a test clone site, but when I look at my history I only see points for adding the link or placing a vote, not awarded for it being voted up or deducted for being voted down.

    Two other things I have noticed:

    1) The leaderboard places me as first and last (although there are only 5 members accounts activated and it’s programmed to show 10, so maybe because there isn’t ten to display) and
    2) In the profile page of BuddyPress it shows ‘Points Balance: %cred% 1000’, how do I get rid of the %cred% and just show the balance?

    One other thing, with the new referral add-on is there a way to add a box on the register page where members have to input a code/key sent by the ‘affiliate’ to be able to register? (I’m currently using a plugin called Secure Invites to secure my register page from unwanted members, I have a closed community).

    Plugin Author Gabriel



    In your hook settings, did you set a log entry for both up and down votes? Do you award / deduct any other amount then zero?

    Do you get any error messages when you vote on a link?

    I only tested this with BP 1.9.2 and latest version of BP Links.

    1) All widgets got updated in 1.4 so go though each widget you use (that is from myCRED) and save the settings.

    2) You need to update your BuddyPress settings on myCRED > Settings where the balance template no longer supports %cred% . The template is now only used to display any text before the amount.

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Regarding the referral hook, the hook will check for a referral link when the user signs up so there is no need for them to enter any details. If the user has the cookie that is saved when a referral link is detected, this will be detected when the registration process fires.

    Awesome, I’ll give it a go now!

    So as long as the referral system is on, no other members can join through the register page?… Is that right or no?

    (you really are a true professional btw Gabriel, I really admire your work!)

    I awarded 5 points for a vote up and -10 for a vote down, no error messages when voting on a link

    Just had a notification to say my link was voted up! 😀

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Does this mean you can get it to work or still having an issue?

    I’ve only got one of the votes to register a points award on the history pager in the profile. I’ve also updated the widgets and the form to transfer points has vanished within the widget, even though an empty box still shows up

    Fixed the %creds% issue and the widget update fixed the duplicate name in leaderboard issue, but transfer and voting issue still remains

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