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    I recently wanted to find a plugin that would allow me set up individual member profiles. I was browsing through and saw that Buddypress allowed members to sign up in a communitybase on the site. I wanted to test it out so I activated it and it completely changed my entire site theme and features without warning and there was absolutely no way to reverse the change or setting to uninstall buddy press. (almost like they were trying to monopolize you into using it.)

    I read that you needed to uninstall the entire buddypress plugin from ftp and everything would be fine…I did and my site went blank with no recovery.

    I just want to ask if anyone knows how to fix this or reverse the change.

    Also I want to warn that if you want use buddypress do your research on it and find out how it works because it is a very unprofessional and poorly developed program that doesn’t really have any liability to the changes it makes.

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  • Criticising the plugin because you failed to get it working is not likely to persuade many BuddyPress people to help you. I am not going to bother to reply to your post point-by-point, because all of it is incorrect.

    To uninstall any plugin, you should have just deactivated it like any other plugin. If you’ve deleted the directory from /plugins on your server, you’ll need to visit and it should detect that you’ve got a “broken” plugin and disable it for you. Likewise, you’ll then have to visit the theme page so that WordPress can deactivate the now-missing BP-Default theme for you.



    I noticed that my site with Buddypress has gone blank too.

    I can get into the admin panel just fine, but the public site is just blank.

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem, or know how to fix it?


    Use bp-default theme. Also have to you gone through the Installation Wizard?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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