• Not sure if this is the correct place to ask or if the topic has already been asked and addressed, so apologies in advance.

    Has there been any discussion on having the ability to use Buddypress Groups for Zoom meetings? In my search I came across a plugin called BuddyMeet that adds a meeting room with video and audio capabilities to BuddyPress and wondered if this has been considered with this plugin.

    Any responses appreciated.

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    Another key requirement for integrating this feature is being able to control access to these features using a membership plugin like Paid Membership Pro, if possible.

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    Interesting. Haven’t explored this option yet but i’ll check this out and see how this can be implemented.

    Creating meetings based on group and share the link among the groups members ? Is this the main point here ? Let me know if i understood this incorrectly. Not much of a BuddyPress expert atm.

    What’s needed is a zoom tab for buddypress grouo where members can click or tab on it to start a meeting in zoom with the group or with individual member.

    Buddymeet plugin does that.

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