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  • At a recent DC WP meetup, a member of the core WP dev team told me that BuddyPress had become a part of the WP core product (or words to that effect). Apart from buying “BuddyPress for Dummies,” it would be helpful to have a statement here from the WP team about the relationship with this social plugin, which has much promise but requires a great deal of unexpected landmine jumping by even expert WP developers (not including me, who only wants to put social power into a WP site).

    Even a link to would be helpful.

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  • No, BuddyPress is not a part of WP CORE, it’s a part of (and listed on that page).

    The relationship is that BuddyPress is a plugin, like PollDaddy and Akismet, and can be used with WordPress.

    Not to denigrate the awesome that is PollDaddy or Akismet, who are also much MORE than plugins, but you get my idea 🙂

    Thanks for the clarification. These distinctions can be a little obscure.

    Yeah. Its clear to me cause I’ve been in it a while 🙂

    WordPress Core: Anything that is built into WordPress’s .zip download file.
    Core Plugin: Hello Dolly and Akismet
    Core Theme: Twenty Ten

    Everything you personally upload into wp-content/plugins is … just a plugin 🙂

    Ditto themes. The ownership thereof generally has nothing to do with the status as a part of core.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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