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  • Hi all.
    Dont know if i post this right, so dont shoot me if i do.

    We have been running WP + BP for a while with alot of trouble. We have a site with 30 users. We have our own rack server 64bit dualcore cpu + 8gb ram.

    First we where running on but had problems there so they closed our hosting. Then we got our own server with a dedicated 500 mbit link for it. Running 2008 server + wamp2 with mysql, apache & phpmyadmin.

    Now we changed to ubuntu to try to sort out why we have these problems but problems still excists and here is what happens.

    We run buddypress, which we use buddypress activity stream as a chat for our 30 users. Plugin installed buddypress activity refresh where refresh is set to 20 seconds.
    We have the theme supermassive from themeforest implemented.

    Everytime a user connects we get serious high cpu loads. Yesterday we had 10 users online and the load on the box went from 0.2 up to about 42 as the 10 people where online chatting and the box crashed.
    Running windows, the httpd.exe was using 90-100++% cpu usage, but now in linux we see www-data using alot.

    like this:

    7745 www-data 20 0 281m 114m 35m S 65 2.9 1:39.97 apache2
    8629 www-data 20 0 275m 109m 35m S 58 2.8 0:49.28 apache2
    9081 www-data 20 0 264m 97m 35m S 28 2.5 0:05.68 apache2

    the pids seem like loops.. they last for a few seconds, then comes back after a little while running the same.
    As you can see those 3 active there now use 65, 58 and 28% cpu. only last for a few seconds but they are repeating themselves all the time.
    20 users at the same time crashes the box. Did so on, our 2008server and same now on our linuxserver.

    Thanks in advance for all your helo!

    Every reply is appreciated

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