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  • Hi guys,

    First of all: this plugin is awesome and it integrates into BuddyPress 1.5.5 as well.
    I only have a minor question though: I’d like to create a group with capability of publishing public events (meaning it’s visible to everyone).
    I have user role editor plugin, but I don’t know how can I do this.

    Can someone give me guidance on this topic?

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  • can you check the EM user capabilities @ EM Settings > General > User capabilities

    I’ve made a screenshot to PDF about the user capabilities part:

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    it depends on your setup, if you assign the capability publish_events to the user roles you want to allow this permission to, those users will be able to publish events.

    BP groups wouldn’t come into play here, it’s only the user type that’s relevant.

    Marcus, you may have misunderstood my question. I do understand what publish_events rights are for, the question is how can I add the capability of publishing site-wide events, which is listed in the widgets and the lists for everyone, all users.

    Right now I need to remove the “Private” tick in the backend from the events published if I want this work.

    Question 1: add capability publish_events/edit_events @ EM Settings > General > User capabilities e.g. subscriber ? also, does the plugin is Network Activated? Or if it’s site activated then try settings it in your user role editor

    Question 2: did you mean the events visibility e.g. public, private ?

    No, the plugin is not in a network.
    Yes, I mean the event visibility.

    I want to give capability to specified users to publish events visible for everyone on the site. ( BuddyPress, as I mentioned before. )

    sorry, edited my post; please re-read

    The problem is the same: when anyone, including one with admin rights, posts an event by default it’s a private event. Also, on the backend, when the events are listed, “Private” shows up right of them.

    To make them “Public” I need to manually remove the “private” tick.

    The solutions you both suggest only adds the possibility to post an event, but does not changes the event’s visibility.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    maybe try disabling your other plugins (except for BP) as I think this is a conflict rather than an EM bug. Either that, or you’re setting your events to a private/hidden group, in which case private events are forced by default (and forced always in hidden groups).

    @marcus that could be the problem most likely, related events have been posted in the name of a hidden group. I’ll try changing it.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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