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  • Hello, and want to say this could be a great plugin. We need to get some funding behind this because it could be the next “printing press” or “cotton gin” in an education sense.

    I am getting this

    BuddyPress Courseware dependency error: forums has to be activated!


    I know this isn’t tested on WordPress 3.6 or buddypress 1.8.1 but it needs to be brought up to date.

    It’s looking for the builtin forum which is no longer in buddypress.

    I hope I get rich so I could invest in this plugin. Unfortunatly, I’ll probably use Learndash for now.

    I think this plugin has much more of a vision and I hope development will resume soon.


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  • Hello there,
    Having the same issue with the error.. have bbPress installed and activated. Not understand why a link to it would solve the issue.

    BuddyPress Courseware dependency error: forums has to be activated!

    Will this error be solved soon?
    Kind regards

    Thanks for the heads up, but Buddypress Courseware is looking for the old forum. I could keep running an old install of WordPress, but that isn’t what this is about.

    Was hoping developers could add code to look for the new bbpress. That probably is going to mean major overhaul because WordPress and Buddypress keep changing and shifting.

    I looked at the code and it’s over my head. I wish I could code at that level.

    Thanks again.

    I found out a solution for this. Download and install Buddypress plugin 1.6 from the plugins page. Now activate Courseware plugin. Again update the buddypress to the new version. You are done…

    hello sumazla can you please tell me what version of Buddypress plugin worked for you ?

    1.6.5 (svn)
    1.6.4 (svn)
    1.6.3 (svn)
    1.6.2 (svn)
    1.6.1 (svn)
    1.6 (svn)
    1.6-RC2 (svn)
    1.6-RC1 (svn)
    1.6-beta2 (svn)
    1.6-beta1 (svn)


    Go ahead, hi jack my thread… Just kidding.

    I need this to work!

    Hi lognic, I first installed buddypress 1.6(svn). Then I activated the courseware. After doing that, I upgraded to current version of buddypress 1.8.1. Then the courseware tab is gone. To bring it back, you have to do the following:

    ` Go to /wp-content/plugins/buddypress-courseware/groups/groups.class.php
    Then, go to: line 44
    Add the following:
    if ( !isset( $bp->courseware ) || !is_object($bp->courseware)) {
    $bp->courseware = new stdClass;
    Final result:
    function activate_component() {
    global $bp;
    if ( !isset( $bp->courseware ) || !is_object($bp->courseware)) {
    $bp->courseware = new stdClass;
    $bp->courseware->id = ‘courseware’;
    $bp->courseware->slug = ‘courseware’;
    $bp->active_components[$bp->courseware->slug] = $bp->courseware->id;

    It worked for me perfectly. Courseware is running without any error.



    I’m using WP 3.7 and BuddpyPress 1.8.1. I ran into the same error during activation of Courseware.

    Here’s what I did to resolve the issue:
    — Activated the Forums component via Settings > BuddyPress > Components
    — Go to Retired Components, check Group Forums legacy
    — Activated Courseware
    — Php error thrown..
    — Edited groups class.php using sumazla’s suggestion above.

    Courseware now working without any error

    I can confirm fix above from ricardo_s works as it gets around the check for the legacy forums.

    I’d sure like to see this plugin brought back to working order and for development to continue. If it needs funding or contributions from developers let’s get on it! Otherwise we’re just letting all the premium learning system win without a fight, and I for one think having a true open source option that is comparable is worth fighting for.

    Hi folks

    I am having the same problem, but I am not technical, so I do not know how to do the PHP editing described.

    I tried the solution sumazla recommends: I downloaded 1.6 and activated it, but when I tried re-activating Courseware it failed again.

    Any ideas on what I can do? Any help much appreciated I really want to use this module too!

    thanks, Neil

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