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    I’ve just installed the free version of S2member and Buddypress. I watched the video on integrating the two but that is for pro, is there by any chance a video I’m missing that shows how to set up the two using the free version? Or even step by step instructions? I’ve searched and just get posts about issues after the fact. I’m still trying to understand how to integrate s2member free version with Buddypress, help and thank you!:)


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  • nevermind, delete. lol

    thought I had this figured out but no. I can only find the one video about integrating buddypress and s2member PRO version. If I follow the directions there, except for using the pro forms which I don’t have access to yet, is that the thing to do? I could really use a step by step here. Thanks so much:)

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    Isn’t it in General Settings or one of those settings pages?
    Supposedly you just turn it on there.
    I have the free version myself and I saw the setting although I haven’t yet had a chance to do it.

    Hi Some Thing, thank you for answering:) yep I know the section you’re referring to. I guess since I’m not seeing the actual process from signing up to paying to where they’re automatically directed to after paying, which should be the forum itself? What that whole thing looks like as its done, I’m having a hard time visualizing. I’m probably overthinking this. lol Is that in fact what does happen? They signup, pay for membership/or free, then paypal sends them to their login page, then they login and automatically go to the forum? I know I sound like a dork. Have you gotten yours setup successfully? Not that this matters but I did actually decide to go with bbpress after reading this tutorial: http://winkpress.com/membership-plugin/tutorial/ same process applies though other than the settings you mentioned for buddypress, I’m thinkin. Again, maybe too much. ūüôā

    Some Thing


    Ok, if your question is “Where the heck do people sign up”, that’s a good one. It seems that has been a major source of confusion for everyone forever and yet they haven’t adjusted the GUI to avoid it – quite puzzling…
    And I think people register at the usual WP registration page but I haven’t used PayPay so I really can’t even guess.
    But I remember I read about this and I googled to find the link for you:
    But IIRC you need the PRO version for PayPal integration which means you can contact the company to help you.
    For now I’m just using a free version in order to improve site security, so it’s quite a basic purpose.

    Yes that’s exactly what I’m asking. Thank you very much for taking the time to look that up for me, I’ll check out that link and see what I see:)

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    There’s the setup explained in this video, but it uses s2Member’s pro-forms. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDDoNrzOi6Q

    I referenced this thread in a GitHub issue about the BuddyPress integration, for Jason to investigate. You can follow the issue there to be notified of updates to it. https://github.com/WebSharks/s2Member/issues/162

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