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  • Hello,
    I am working on a buddypress social network on wordpress for researchers and am looking into integrating with an instance of the (upcoming) federated OLKi platform to host research papers and peer-review processes ( It’s expected to launch “mid-2020” and they explain sites/apps can interact with any existing instance using 1. its GraphQL API, 2. implement the ActivityPub Activities of OLKi, or 3. Use one of the open formats OLKi supports (RSS, OAI-PMH, ActivityPub). I am looking for integration with user profiles and social groups in much the same way integrated their CORE repository with their social network, but in a federated way (and with an online learning platform and project management app). I hope to really stick it to researchgate and too. I’ve also read about Bridgy Fed and Pterotype but this plugin looks like the most straightforward if it can be used. I should mention that I set the site up as a multisite network, but I only want to federate the user profiles of the social network and integrate with OLKi. Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated – I’m willing to hire!

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • My suggestion would be to go Indieweb using their WordPress plugins.

    That way you’ll already be operating as a social network and on the Indieweb ‘if and when’ that OLKI network comes out of Beta. It might be that you’ll even be ahead of them and not even need their help but find it beneficial to Federate with them instead to widen your reach.

    Some other resources would be look at for scholarly notations even though is a Silo…

    You might also want to look at CUNY’s Commons in a Box which will work with your BuddyPress Multisite network.

    The IPFS might serve you well for some content storage but there’s not much integration for that yet.

    For internal syndication between sites you might look to PressForward and RSS or Feed WordPress.

    There’s a really amazing Slack instance for Indieweb. Very open, extremely knowledgeable people, and very friendly.

    Offering to hire within our forums here is frowned upon. If you find you might need to hire someone you can advertise your needs at

    You might also want to see if there’s any Homebrew website Club meetups or activities in your area.

    Most of what I’ve mentioned above is implemented in part on one or more of my sites but I’m no expert on any of this. I do hope some of this helps you.

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    hey @indigetal thanks for thinking about using ActivityPub for such a project! But: The ActivityPub plugin is a side-project of mine and I do not make any money out of it, so the development is very slow. I also focus on publishing, that means others can follow the activities from a blog, but not vice versa (you can not subscribe to mastodon users, using WordPress). I have also not tested the plugin with WordPress MU and BuddyPress yet.

    Pterotype is no longer under active development

    I can also second the suggestion of @jnashhawkins to also have a look at the IndieWeb Plugins:

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    Darn, that’s too bad but I appreciate the suggestions! The IndieWeb plugin package looks great for a standalone website that wants to join the indieweb but not so much for a buddypress-based site. I don’t see anything about ActivityPub or WebFinger either, which I believe OLKi uses but I’m new to the indieweb…

    To JNashHawkins, Commons In A Box is actually a very basic example of what I’m trying to achieve and is what Humanities Commons is using, but they also added a repository to it that they custom-built. I’m doing it using a theme that I think looks a lot better and a fork of buddypress that includes a number of “high-demand customizations.” Although, instead of building a repository from scratch from within wordpress (which doesn’t have any repository or scholarly publishing plugins), I’m hoping to integrate with OLKi to pull-in content from a field-specific instance that I most likely will create myself as well. I’m also adding an online learning platform (the same one used by Michigan State University, but configured for user-generated courses like Udemy) and a project management app for research collaborations.

    I’m on mastodon and matrix but, setting aside the lack of repository or scholarly publishing plugins, I don’t think anything comes anywhere close to the versatility and customizability of WordPress and that is required for my greater objective. So it seems if I want to connect it the indieweb/fediverse, I have my work cut out for me! I do love the idea of developing an annotations aggregator tab for in the users’ profile of the social network to kind of federate with them too, but I think OLKi will also have some annotation functionalities!

    Thanks again guys!

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