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  • Hi,

    Thanks for this plugin! Looks really cool…

    I wonder if you can make it compatible with Buddypress and bbPress. For example, the plugin could take users email to send there the payment for the coffee. And maybe users can have in the front-end the option to on/off a coffee gateway.

    It will be really awesome!

    I talk about your plugin in my blog! It is really cool!

    Good Luck!

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  • Plugin Author Arunas Liuiza


    Hi and thank you for your kind words!

    If I understand correctly, you want users on buddypress/bbpress to be able to insert tinyCoffee widgets with their own paypal email? I do not have specific integrations at the moment, but the [coffee] shortcode does have a paypal_email option where you can specify whatever email you want. For example if you use shortcode [coffee paypal_email=""] the donations will go to account, and if you use shortcode [coffee paypal_email=""], money will be sent to that account.


    Hi Arunas,

    Your welcome! I believe this plugin will be in the top!

    In fact, I tested the shortcode in buddypress profile forms (in front-end) and works perfect! It means the plugin is compatibly with buddypress -I guess, and I so happy-. I own a forum (built with buddypress and bbpress) so I am planing to add a new form to allow users add the shortcode of tinycoffee. I wonder if there is a way to add the Coffee Icon in avatars to redirect just to the author profile o maybe to show a modal (in case the user add the coffee shortcode to his profile)?

    I attached a screenshot to explain my point.

    I recommend you… improve with details the information and faq sections to know more about the plugin!

    Other question, I tried to use the modal way but I can’t figure out how to do it… May you suggest me something? Maybe… An example? (I installed the plugin in my blog as well)

    And one more, what happened if I have a PayPal Business Account? I heard one time that if you want get donations you need a personal account… the plugin works as donations or as a sell (buy) a cup of coffee?


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    I updated this topic @ideag

    I read the plugin works as donation. Sorry about that question.

    I wonder if it is possible add more gateways, maybe bitcoins…

    By the way, what is ¿Exchange rate?


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    Plugin Author Arunas Liuiza


    Hi again.

    If you want to use a currency that is not currently supported by Paypal directly, you can define the exchange rate here. Not a widely used option 😉

    So far there has been no demand for other gateways, so I haven’t considered adding them. I’ve chosen Paypal because it is very easy to set up and widely available.

    Plugin Author Arunas Liuiza


    regarding modals, the way they currently work is this: You add a link with a specific hash value at the end, i.e. and whenever user opens such a link, a modal is shown to them. Currently, modals do not support custom paypal_emails.

    Hi Arunas,

    Thanks for the answers.

    I am still don’t understand what is exchange rate? May you explain me with example…lol Thanks! (It is to take a commission for a each coffee?)

    Well, I just think that some other gateways could be a cool suggestion for a feature release…

    I am glad for this plugin! lol… I will do my part soon 😉

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