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    I have setting up basic template “BuddyPress Default”
    and I wonder how do I proceed to have a separate Tab just like the home button on top pointing to my Forum.

    Please let me know,

    The forum is only show tru Widget and “bbpress last topic” thing so far on the right side and I do not find it very handy.

    Best regards,

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  • Create a page call it Forum no content publish and in buddypress settings in Pages tab assign the page.

    unfortunately it is not working for me

    The forum link is

    I probably miss something, but I wonder what

    Why do you two forum in link there is problem in your setup recheck

    it install itself like this by it’s own.
    But you are probably right, this forum sub folder might be too much in the overall set up.

    I will let you know

    I have permantly remove my Forum page.
    I have remove topics and forum before having uninstall and reinstall BB Press.
    I still have same issue.

    The forum plugin itself seems to be installed under /forum empty.
    When I create a forum from my dashboard it does the /forum/forum addition.

    I tried to create topic first, with no forum name or details added from the dashboard and it goes /forum/topic.

    When I go one step back to the /forum everything is empty, no topic list or whatever.

    this is a mistery to me

    Did you not use the forum setup within buddypress

    Yes this is what I did.
    no matter what I do, the standard forum goes under /forum/forum/forumname
    When I edit a wordpress page link it does not take in account the middle slash in forum/forum!

    you want to create a tab in menu than go to menu option in appearance
    add custom link here put websitename/forum link and save menu
    i hope this what you want

    to be clearer as possible, I want what show on the picture.
    I want my forum top tab pointing to the Forum of the website

    got it! I need to add this line to the HTML code of my wordpress basic page:

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