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    hi bavota,
    i’ve got buddypress installed, with auto-refresh enabled.
    i think after 15 seconds (it syncs with heartbeat afaik) of inserting a new comment i should be giving a notice to refresh the stream (“load newest”), but it does not happen.

    on the buddypress forums there are mentions that this may be due to a missing AJAX call on the theme. i’m still googling the issue, and so far i haven’t been able to find a fix.

    do you happen to know if this may be related to your theme, or direct me on something to check, or even better have a fix for it?

    thanks in advance!

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  • maxgx


    some updates on the issue:

    Inspector->Network on Chrome shows the call to admin-ajax.php is there alright.

    danbp on the buddypress forum has tested BP with the theme and he affirms it’s all working, but he mentions the “Load more” button, not the “Load newest” i was referring to.

    anyways, i’ll better test it all with the usual switching off of all plugins first.



    ok, cloned the site, run the tests and discovered it’s nothing to do with the (outstanding, may i say so?) Destin Basic theme.

    it’s actually not a problem related with auto-refresh and notifications of new activity updates, as that does work too.

    it’s a missing feature that i was expecting to be there: if a member comments on a BuddyPress activity, there’s no notification at all. i don’t know about any of you, but i think that’s quite a big hole in a social plugin feature set.

    anyways, i was able to solve the issue installing BP Live Notification, whch does seem to work with WP 4.5.3 and BP, all of course on a Destin Basic child theme.

    …the list of BP-related plugins that one needs for covering up missing features is getting really long though…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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