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    Using 3.5.1 and BP 1.64

    What a great, great idea! I’ve been waiting for a plugin just like this!

    Unfortunately, I can’t get it to work on any of my WP/BP installations. 🙁
    On both base (with a basic child theme) and a complete BP theme (mingle), it doesn’t show up at all in the registration page. BP admins desperately need this!

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  • Plugin Author dikiy_forester



    This plugin has never been tested on BP…

    I will try to do something with it 🙂

    Thank you for feedback and suggestions!

    Oh man, that would totally rock my world if your plugin could work with BP. I’ve used the xprofile to ask “are you human” questions, but don’t have the coding chops to do what you’re doing!

    Plugin Author dikiy_forester



    I just added compatibility with BuddyPress.
    Please update Good Question to 1.1.

    Tested with default BP theme.

    Test it with yours, and if all ok – I’ll wait from you a cup of coffee or a plugin review with few stars 😀

    If you have some problems with new version and “Mingle” theme – please let me know.

    Best Regards!!!

    Success on Mingle! Thank you so much!

    Plugin Author dikiy_forester


    Ok, i’m glad! Mark this as solved.

    I did have a minor issue for a multisite install of BP. It’s a multisite with two installs (one straight WP and one BP). The first site (the non-BP site) was “normal.” It had the questions and everything pre-filled out. On the second site (the BP site), nothing was filled out and there were no questions or option to add questions. I filled out what I could. Saved it then on refresh, 10 blank question boxes showed up. Also, I went from network activating it to deactivating it and re-activating the plugin per site. But just so you know, everything is working fine so far!

    Plugin Author dikiy_forester


    Ok, i understand. First time you activate plugin from network. And second time for each site separately. Use the second method, as long as will not be added activation for the network.

    So far so good! No spam sign ups! I couldn’t find on any of your sites to buy you a cup of coffee. lol

    Also, for future releases, it’d be cool to upload pictures for the answers instead of text. But, right now, it’s working great.

    Plugin Author dikiy_forester


    So far so good! No spam sign ups!

    This is the best that I expected to hear. So the plugin works and works well.

    It gives me confidence!

    upload pictures for the answers instead of text

    At the moment, you can upload images the folder uploads, and use CSS to embed images in the background of answers. As has been done and is shown in the 5th screenshot.

    Good Luck!

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