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  • when trying to restrict BuddyDrive privacy to a group, there is no drop-down list of groups to choose from how i can fix this issue some body help me?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Same issue here.

    BuddyDrive no longer recognizes/matches the group name when you choose Select your privacy preferences: Restricted to a group and begin typing in the group name. When I choose the Privacy preferences: Restricted to members, works fine and it still will start to recognize the name of the user I type and let me select that user to add, and it will allow that to be saved. However, when I try Select your privacy preferences: Restricted to a group, it doesn’t recognize/try to autocomplete the name. It doesn’t fine the group name at all. It does not let you save the group name that was manually typed in.

    This was an issue at least as far back with 4.8.0 and 4.8.1 WPress versions. I have the latest versions of WPress and of all plugins/themes and have tried it with themes and plugins disabled.

    The issue was first noticed after upgrading to BuddyDrive version 2.1.1 Has something changed in the last release to cause this? What’s the ETA on a fix?

    This is critical functionality and with the functionality unavailable, BuddyDrive becomes useless because our users don’t want to post unrestricted material.

    Please advise and confirm what the fix is.

    Hi @danish1122, @hbrack,
    perhaps you can solve your problem by using the integrated group Buddydrive feature. First select “Enable BuddyDrive for groups on group creation” in the Buddydrive Settings and then you can activate Buddydrive in each/any group individually which creates a BuddyDrive tab in the group navigation menu. Any files uploaded there will be private for that group members.

    Hi @ssebech, that is a good thought and something that I already had enabled. It would work for the upload of loose individual files, but would not work for a group’s BuddyDrive with folders within.

    The issue remains though in that if you create a new folder for a group, or add an individual file, you’re no longer able to assign Privacy preferences for the contents of that folder. As I’d written, before it let you type in the name of the group to restrict the folder to, but now won’t recognize/accept that group name assignment.

    Issue still the case with WP 4.8.2

    Happy to provide a screenshot to illustrate if necessary.

    Also this is the same issue as reported in other thread by @victorchiriac

    @hbrack, any folder you create inside the group’s BuddyDrive is private for that group by default, you don’t have to set its privacy preferences, it has already been set automatically when you created the folder. The same applies to files inside any folder as well as at the top level. Isn’t that so?

    Hi Stefan,

    –“perhaps you can solve your problem by using the integrated group Buddydrive feature. First select ‘Enable BuddyDrive for groups on group creation'”–

    Part of the reason I’m asking, is that you might not want to auto-enable it for groups on group creation. And this used to be an option with BuddyDrive (as far back as v2.0.0) that you could assign the rights for an individual file to the members of one of the groups.

    And now this is no longer an option. There’s the field to “Select privacy preferences” and to the right of the “Restricted to a group” drop-down, the text field “Start typing a group name” lets you type the group name but it doesn’t recognize/match the existing groups and it doesn’t let you save the setting.

    Yes, @hbrack , I know exactly what you mean, this is a bug waiting to get resolved by the developer. Unfortunately, he is not responding. I meant my advice as a workaround.

    Not sure if this is the same problem; but after uploading a file from within my personal settings and setting the file permission to Private, there is no option to edit the file permission settings. Consequently, if I decide I want to add this file to a group I’m a member of, then I can’t do it. This is definitely a major set back in the useability of BuddyDrive.

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