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  • Michael Beckwith


    The BenchPresser

    Partially and unofficially. This will be a little wordy.

    What I mean by that is that the admin side and the user management doesn’t technically rely on anything but WordPress core, since it’s mostly just an options page that lists pending users by user meta to denote them as “moderated”. So by that detail yes.

    However, the “moderated” and “private network” settings are where officially BuddyPress comes in, and we hide UI and restrict access using BuddyPress’ core functions and hooks. If there are parts of BuddyBoss that are showing through like message-ability to other users that use their own code, then we don’t have those spots covered at all. So there any like that won’t be covered by what we ship with.

    Lastly, at least at the moment, BuddyBoss in a sense doesn’t meet our minimum version checks. This has resulted in our admin menus not showing up for users unless they have forums enabled. BuddyBoss overrides a BuddyPress version variable with their own version. We still check for the original one from BuddyPress, and it’s wanting version “1.7.0” or above, but suddenly thanks to BuddyBoss, that value ends up being like in the 1.3.x range. I have a change committed in our version control to check for BuddyBoss itself, but I don’t have any timeline planned for a next release here at the moment.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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