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    Hoping Paul can come and answer this. I went ahead and downloaded Beta 2 for achievements and it didn’t seem like there was any functionality aside from creating the achievements themselves. They wouldn’t unlock, and there was no indication on the users profiles that the plugin existed.

    Is this on purpose?

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  • Plugin Author Paul Gibbs



    Achievements should unlock, yes. Can you tell me how you set up the achievement that doesn’t work? (or go and edit it, and then take a screenshot).

    Achievements 3 Beta 2 doesn’t have tight integration into BuddyPress yet; it doesn’t add itself to the BuddyPress navigation bars, and so on. If you look at the “howdy” menu on the WP toolbar when you’re logged in, it does add a “achievements” item which takes you to a list of your unlocked achievements.
    Really I’m waiting for BuddyPress 1.7 to be released (end of January?) before integrating Achievements 3 tightly into BuddyPress again.

    You’ll probably want to create a custom menu, and in it, add a custom link pointing to (where is the URL of your site). That’s the new home for the “list of all achievements” page.

    Hi Paul,

    Maybe I missed something too… I just created an award on Achievements 3.0 beta 2. That went fine but I have no idea (and can’t see any visual cues) on how to award the award to a user.

    That said, there is only one user – me (it’s a new site) – and the award is “sys admin” and I’m trying to award it to myself… (that sounds really sad but I just wanted to see how the plug-in worked!)

    I’m using BP 1.6.3 and WP 3.5. Thanks.

    Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    Beta 2 doesn’t have the screen that lets you give Achievements manually. “Event” types of achievements should work fine.

    I’m putting out a new version of Achievements today; it will have the assign/remove achievements manually screen in.

    Yeah there’s no bar on the profile page similar to that you have in the WordPress version. Am I missing something? You can create achievements but they don’t show up anywhere in the Buddypress feed or anything. The latest WP version I had worked a bit, but had styling issues. It’s a bit confusing because you seem to have two separate versions but neither are really tight into WordPress or Buddypress.

    Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    Achievements 2 is deeply integrated into BuddyPress.
    Achievements 3 isn’t, yet. It will be in a future version.

    Why is it listed as a supported plugin if it’s not supported? With achievements 3 I can’t put a directory, view achievements, and there’s no place to look for them on a user’s BP profile.

    Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    I said Achievements 3 is not as deeply integrated into BuddyPress as version 2 was, not that it’s not integrated at all. It actually supports more events from BuddyPress than any of the other supported plugins. Take a look at for details.

    * The directory goes to .com/achievements/. If you have a page called “achievements” from the old version of the plugin, delete it. Achievements 3 doesn’t need it.

    * Links from the directory will go to the individual pages for the achievements.

    * For now, check out the “My Achievements” link in the WordPress’ toolbar’s “howdy” menu (the right-most one where you can edit your profile and log out from).

    For more information on upgrading from older versions of Achievements, check out

    Sorry if I was being aggressive. I can’t figure out how to get images on the achievements. Inserting into post and/or using a featured image doesn’t display one on the achievements page.

    Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    Featured Image support might be tricky on some themes, but a post in the body text should just work.

    Is your theme ?

    Yes that is my theme. I’ve done both, but I’d like a thumbnail on the achievement page. I thought the featured image would do that.

    Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    Can you get a featured image appearing on a regular Page?

    I can get the image to appear on the achievement page, but no thumbnail on the achievement list page. I’m also running into problems with several of the achievements not unlocking.

    For instance changing the profile information, or posting a comment on the site. Those are not working currently for me.

    Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    The thumbnail isn’t meant to appear on the achievement list page.
    I will investigate those actions when I get time — I’d have preferred those issues to be reported in a separate topic so I could have marked this one as resolved (as this was about the upgrade from 2.x), but never mind 🙂



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