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    I have a primary domain with several domains virtual-hosted underneath (all on one server). Engaging BSP on my main site causes massive consternation on the virtual domains, including:

  • Inability to update files
    Dashboard functionality fails
    Widget management fails
  • It’s a great plugin if you’re using a single domain, but it causes way too much trouble for what I work with…

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    The problem you are describing is what happens when the wp-admin htaccess file is not activated / does not exist. If you have something like MU or Network sites set up then you would have to use your MU / Network htaccess code in place of the single site htaccess code that is provided by default. If you provide some information about how and what your sites are set up with then i can instruct you further. Thanks.

    How do we fix the problem if the .htaccess file is not activated?
    I Have the same problem. All the data is there Admin working fine, but when I try to view a post it says it cant find it?
    I also have several domains virtually hosted ???
    Please help

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    I assume you meant to say the /wp-admin BulletProof Mode is not activated correct? Is this a single site or a WP Network installation? Did you use the AutoMagic buttons to create your master .htaccess files? BPS should work the same in a typical shared hosting environment as it would in a vps environment. Dedicated hosting could have some conflicts, but no one has every reported back to me that they have had any issues with dedicated hosting and BPS. Also when it comes to htaccess files in general it should not really matter what type of hosting you have as long as the directives in your .htaccess file are correct.

    Not being able to view a post is most likely either going to be because you do not have a custom permalink structure or a valid custom permalink structure. This could also be caused by not having the correct RewriteBase and RewriteRule in your root .htaccess file. And it could also be caused from the wp-admin .htaccess file not being seen or not being activated. If this is a single site then recreate your master .htaccess files again using the AutoMagic buttons. Then go the BPS File Editor and make sure that the correct RewriteBase and RewriteRule are being seen by BPS. BPS gets that info from your WP General Settings information. If there is a mistake in those settings then BPS cannot automatically fix that mistake. Check your custom permalink structure to make sure it is valid. Then Activate BulletProof Mode for your Root folder and Activate BulletProof Mode for your wp-admin folder. Thanks.

    I have resolved my issue. BPS had modified my permalink structure, this is why I had the problem described.
    It is a single site (not a network) but it runs on a sub-domain.
    ReWriteBase and RewriteRule is fine in .htaccess
    I am afraid of using BPS again in case it creates other issues. I have removed it from my plugins, sorry.

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    BPS does not modify permalink structures. Ok no worries. Just make sure you add some kind of website security protection no matter what that might be. It’s a jungle out there. 😉 Good luck.

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