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  • I downloaded this plugin and it appears by default this plugin denies you access for 20 days to its API code which prevents the ability to able to integrate with any Mailchimp account. Accordingly, there are no settings or options to set. But, they have a big banner at the top of the page and an ad on the side of the page to get you to upgrade to the Pro version; which I presume will work after you pay them. After posting this review the developer responded and, at the same time, I also went through the plugin code and located the issue I was having the plugin. So, I am updating this initial comment… and see also the thread for additional information. I updated my rating from a one star to a three star; after getting the plugin to connect to the Mailchimp API. (NOTE: I also changed the title of the review, to reflect the nature of the issue more accurately)

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    Why are you so upset? There is a lot of documentation how to use it. There is many FREE features already included and if you want more features you can upgrade to the PRO version. You can read and compare the features here:

    20 Days of what? Are you confusing this plugin with something else? You can use the plugin right away like 1000s of hHAPPY USERS ALREADY DO…

    If you need help you can contact the developers:

    ***** Dont be upset 🙂

    You can use it in your website: and we can help you to get it right.

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    TY for a speedy response. Here is what happened. Hopefully, this feedback will be somewhat helpful. When I activated the plugin, I could see the tab Chipmatic Lite was added to the CF7 form tabs. There was a red colored API button with an X indicating it is not active.

    Below the button is a string of characters similar to this: 0.9.40CF7:6.1.2WP5.7P7.2.56T29.3.32 – sent in 20 Days. NOTE: (after editing those characters, I discovered they are not any part of an API Key)

    Below the first label “MailChimp API Key:” is a text box pre-populated with my Mailchimp API key; and to the right is a blue submit button “Connect and Fetch Your Mailing Lists”

    When you click on the button, it does nothing. The only visual clue to anything about your plugin at this point, is the string below the red inactive Chipmatic API Key button, indicating that something will be sent in 20 days. I could have looked in the console to see what was happening at the time I was trying to submit the form, but didn’t think to check the console at that time. It seemed as though the button was deactivated.

    After a scan of your code I could see that the “20 days” relates to the difference in the time of activation and some other event (see function mce_difer_dateact_date). Also, I discovered the characters in the string are not an API key, but I do understand how those characters were generated now. Likewise, I also noticed that my Mailchimp API key which had been pre-populated into your activation form field, was actually truncated. So, instead of the form sending my Mailchimp API key it was sending a partial key; which, of course, would not validate. However, there was no error or any indication to let the user know what had happened.

    So, after going through the code and discovering what the issue was, I pasted in the complete Mailchimp API key, rather than the one that was pre-populated into your form field; and tried to submit it again. Alas, it worked with the correct API Key; and connected.

    Now that the plugin is activated and connected, I will look at the options you have available to see if they will address what my purpose was for downloading the plugin. I am not a Mailchimp fan at all. However, because CF7 works great and I have to use Mailchimp on some projects, I need to get it to work with something more useful and WP-friendly, like CF7; and there are some specific MC shortcomings I am hopeful this plugin has addressed.

    FYI, I will update my review/rating after I get a chance to check out the plugin further; now that I have access to it.

    FWIW, the website you referenced is a test site. If this plugin works for me, I will use it on a different production site.

    Plugin Author Renzo


    Hopefully you will find Chimpmatic useful and update the rating of your review 🙂

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