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  • Just activated the plugin along with Securi and brute-force attacks were still occurring after hiding the login, admin and everything else

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  • What files where the attacks targeting? There could be attacks that attack every website, not just WordPress sites. Or your site is a known WordPress website, and that is why you are being targeted.

    Plugin Author Maya


    @zuh093 Obliviously you left something within your theme

    If you implement this (or any security plugin) while you are under attack it will not stop the current attacks because they are likely coming from the same attackers who already know you are running a wordpress site. The idea of this plugin is to mask the site from future hackers knowing that the site is wordpress. My advice would be if you implement a security plugin during an attack monitor the site for one month after the attack comes to pass with that plugin enabled and if you are still having consistent attack attempts one month after the security plugin was implemented then the plugin is not doing its job. As I just stated in another review thread… this plugin is supposed to mask the site so future attackers are unable to figure out it is WordPress. If you implement this while you are being attacked and the attack attempts do not stop it is likely that they are coming from the same hacker or team of hackers so it is already too late to stop them with a plugin like this one.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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