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  • I’m a Drupal developer, learning WordPress, and I’m taking over development of a WP site that is currently hosted on a very slow server. So I installed WP on my production server, a VPS which has been very solid, running over a dozen Drupal sites. I also installed the theme that the existing WP site uses, which is Brunelleschi 1.3.5.

    In testing the install on my server, I found that the Brunelleschi theme instantly crashes IE7 on WinXP, and in a very strange way. The links don’t work, and when I scroll, the screen fills with gibberish, like a “repeating residue” of whatever was on the screen when I began to scroll. Very odd, but it is IE after all, so all bets are off.

    The built-in WP themes work fine in IE, as do many others that I tried. The Brunelleschi theme works fine on the Mac of course (FF, Safari, Chrome) and it works fine in FF on WinXP. It’s only IE that fails.

    The thing that’s so odd is that the Brunelleschi theme works fine in IE on the old server, so I suspect there is something about my server that this theme doesn’t like. I will put the specs of both servers below. Please note that I am running APC on my server.

    I hope this makes sense, and any help will be greatly appreciated!


    Old server (Brunelleschi works fine in IE) – PHP 5.2.17, MySQL 5.0.91

    My server (Brunelleschi crashes IE) – PHP 5.2.11, 5.1.41, APC 3.1.3p1

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  • Hey Tim, did you ever figure this one out. I just launched a site for a client and am having the same issue. One of the weirdest web issues I’ve ever encountered.

    You know, I never did. I switched to Suffusion. Not crazy about that one either, but my client likes it. And one more thing… Brunelleschi was goofing up my other themes and even the admin options in WP until I deleted it completely. Very strange. Good luck!

    FYI… I just figured it out. I removed modernizr-2.0.6.min.js and everything’s working now. Not even sure what that .js did because everything seems fine in all browsers now.

    Excellent! Well-done… it is a nice theme. If I ever use it again I will remember your solution.

    Hi, I am considering useing the theme. However, what is modernizr-2.0.6.min.js , and where can I find it?

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