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    I’ve got WP 3.2.1 running on my Fedora 15 box and can open my pages fine on this box. BUt when I try to access the page from a separate box on my LAN (, I get an error that the browser cannot connect to host for …path.jpg and for …style.css. I do get all the page content, but no graphics or css. Permission for …style.css is 644, which seems right.

    I’ve tried this with several different themes (including veryplaintxt 4.6.1 and twentyeleven 1.2. These are “stock” themes just as they were downloaded except for admin page changes (eg, widgets).

    Any ideas?

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  • Are you using localhost for the site urls by any chance?

    Duh–just noticed that the url that the remote browser is trying to use for the style.css etc files is “localhost…”.

    SO the problem becomes: why is the remote browser looking for the support files in localhost rather than at the same IP address it is using to reach the main file?

    OK–I see where I have WordPress and SiteAddress set for localhost on the admin page. But what should I have there if my host box doesn’t have a URL or even a fixed IP address? Do I have to give my host box a fixed IP address to have this work? (And then I’d have to change that to get on a different LAN…)

    You could use a private domain name within your network.

    I could try that, but it would seem that then it’s necessary to update the remote machine each time with the IP address of the private domain–which would mean changing the hosts file each time?

    Seems simpler just to give my box a fixed IP and then remember to switch to DHCP when I go to a different LAN.

    I must have missed where it says in the installation instructions about not using ‘localhost’.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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