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  • I just thought it would be interesting to see what people are using for their primary browsers. Here’ s my setup:
    System – WinXP Pro on P4.
    Preferred browser – Firebird
    Other installed browsers:
    IE 6.x
    Mozilla 1.5
    Opera 7
    Netscape 4.x
    I use these for testing my site.

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  • I am on Win XP Home
    Preferred browser-Mozilla
    Other installed browsers:
    IE 6.
    I have browse master for the resolution size. One of my friends has Opera, another is on a Mac with Safari and hubby has NS 7 on his computer that I can use if I need it.
    I have found if it looks good in Mozilla, it looks good in anything. 🙂

    Have you loaded the Web Developer tool bar for Moz/Firebird? It does resize, source viewing, validation, outlining block level elements, finding images w/o ALT text, forms, etc. A major pile of excellent tools to help you with your web site work.

    Oh, Craig no I haven’t. Is it in the extensions?
    Allusion, that’s an interesting mix!

    Hehe..thanks for the plug Craig!
    I personally use Mozilla Nightly Builds primarily. I work with MozDev and it helps to keep up with the work of other developers. I do use IE6 sometimes when checking on compatibility (CSS etc) and also use Camino on my Mac Blue and White. I use Mozilla on my Linux Box and my Sun station. So, all-in-all I use Mozilla the most. As for resolution size, I use a javascript bookmarklet which resizes my browser window to a bunch of different sizes for testing purposes, but my monitor is set to 1600×1200. 🙂

    I’m running OS X 10.3 and using Safari. (How does Safari identify itself? It should be showing up in those stats somewhere. I know it’s rapidly become common among Mac users.)

    System – WinXP Pro on AthlonXP1700.
    Preferred browser – the mighty Firebird 0.7
    Other installed browsers:
    IE 6.x , 5.01, 5.5
    Netscape 7.1
    Opera 6.01
    Netscape 4.0
    Also INstalled is Red Hat 8 with Galeon, Konquerer and Mozilla 1.01 – but I can’t connect to the internet from Linux so its only used for testing

    I can’t believe me using Opera on Windows don’t even make to the .9 % cutoff. I am here pretty much all the time…
    If there are other Opera users here, ID as Opera for my sake :).
    Or the stat’s software only IE/Moz ID Friendly? as suggested by the safari user! :S

    I’m running IE6, Opera 7.23, Firebird 0.7 under windows, plus Safari and IE5 on the Mac. I’ve also got a linux setup with Konqueror and one or two other browsers.

    It is interesting that not one single browser / OS combo that is more than about two years old makes the cut, in statistically significant terms. We must not infer that access here is synonomous with access internet wide but it is quite a thought.

    Yah, I highly doubt those stats would accurately reflect the rest of the web. As for me on a Win2k box, here are my browsers in order of preferance:

    1. Mozilla 1.6
    2. IE6 (mainly for testing and compatibility)
    3. Opera (love the amazing CSS features it boasts)
    4. Firefox
    5. IE5.5 (Oddly very similar to IE6, often have a hard time distinguishing them)
    6. IE5 (Not a thing like IE 5.5)
    7. Firebird
    8. lynx

    I’m actually suprised how long that list was. I really should use some of them more. 🙂

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