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  • Hi folks,

    i don’t know if this is the right forum to posting for. I using the service of nogstyle to screenshot the kubrick template for wordpress in different browsers. I posted it on my blog. It’s in in german, i know. I will translate it in a few days. Next thing i will to shoot the kubrick versions of other blog systems. First will be the b2evolution system I currently using. After that IT&W will be the next (the blog with the 1984 video). Any suggestions which will be worth to shooting for? Which template should be tested – that’s really interesting, because many people using it?

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  • Hello again! I did some shots with other Versions of the Kubrick template. The Blogger Kubrick is currently the best one. Sombody do know which template should be shoted next, because many blogger uses it?

    Greetings from Germany, Bonn

    How Kubrick looks with different blogging tools would be of interest for the author of Kubrick, don’t you think?

    Hi, sure – but many people using the Kubrick template. The author also didn’t “translate” by himself the template to other weblog engines.

    My question is: are there other templates outside, which will be used by people like the kubrik template? So that someone can see, how it looks like in different browsers on different platforms?

    I will mail Michael, but i don’t think that he will fix all kubrik templates from other blogging engines.

    By the way, you will find the concurrent shots i made at

    Moderator James Huff


    No offense, but the only issues I see here are issues related to not having the recommended fonts installed (on the Linux systems) and rendering issues on v4.x browsers. These are two things that most web developers care very little about these days.

    Sure, if 4.x browsers are unimported.

    The Kubrick for WordPress is pretty good. But when you see the b2e kubrick, here the Mac IE5 already kicked off. The Blogger is also pretty good.

    Believe me, i just want to test it. I know thats not easy to do. My weblog isn’t perfect too.

    The question is, how perfect you will get the default wordpress template?

    As you just said: i don’t think that he [the author] will fix all kubrik templates from other blogging engines… and we are not even interested here how his theme (not template!) looks in other blogging software 🙂

    Moderator James Huff


    Also, as of WordPress v1.5, Michael Heilemann no longer supports Kubrick’s use on WordPress (use the WordPress Default Template instead). No only that, but he’s currently developing Kubrick 2, which is almost entirely CSS-based.

    i don’t think that he [the author] will fix all kubrik templates from other blogging engines…
    Itd be up to the individuals porting Kubrick to these other systems to deal with any issues.

    I wish someone could help me and point me in the right direction. I have been modifying my site, using default (kubrick) template, mostly in the sidebar. I think it looks okay, at least using Internet Explorer … … But, the header is WAAAY screwy if viewed in netscape or firefox! This is not good. I had added a few other CSS stylings in my style.css file which, I also use in my other websites and they show up fine in all the browsers…. Then .. why not using wordpress?

    Any suggestions? .. Thanks in Advance.
    HART See Entry #35 .. I managed to figure out myself how to fix … just wanted to pass this along so nobody else suffers as I did.

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