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  • On the main page, changing browser text size in IE7 from ‘smaller’ to ‘large’ has no apparent effect. The Text Zoom feature in Mozilla 1.6, a very old version, does work more or less as expected on the same page, albeit with some layout problems in one of the menus.

    Can someone explain to me whether the inability to resize the main page in IE7 is due to some bug in IE7, a failure in to respect text browser settings (e.g., specifying lengths in terms of number of pixels), both, or neither?

    Also, what are the technical details of how Mozilla’s text zoom feature works? Searching at Google didn’t turn up anything obvious that explained it.

    Understanding these things would help me in working with web pages. I try to use only relative lengths in my own web pages.

    I realize that this post is not a feature request – I put it here because I think it would be nice if and bbPress used only relative lengths. Possibly and bbPress already do this, and I just don’t know it. If so, sorry for putting it in the wrong forum.

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