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  • I’m hoping one of the wizards here can tell me what’s going on. I’m completely stumped. I’ve been working on my theme to make it highly resizable. For some reason it simply will not size further down than about 560px unless I comment out the rss feed links in the <head> as well as the wp_head line: <?php wp_head(); ?>

    I’m totally mystified as to why this would be happening. It’s not like any of that writes anything visible to the body of the blog ( I’ve used ‘grep’ to find all instances of “add_action(‘wp_head'” in my blog site. There are about four, used by the Bad Behavior plugin and a comments preview plugin I particularly like by Il Filosofo. I gather I could enter “remove_action” where it says “add_action”, but I’m flailing in the dark here.

    What would I be doing if I do that? Will I break something else? Will I break anything worse than what I’ve already done by commenting out “php wp_head” 😕 ??

    Also, why would the rss and atom feed links in <head> be causing some kind of fixed width problem?

    Please help! I’m losing sleep over this. :S

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