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  • After you use Import, the browser refresh button is broken. Instead of the normal “Do you want to leave this page?” dialog you get when you browser refresh directly when in the Customizer, you instead get a “Do you want to resubmit?” sort of message, and if you say yes, the import is repeated, just as the warning said. (the exact wording of these messages is browser dependent)

    Because of the design of the Customizer, it is not an uncommon case for the user to change a value or two, not like them, but not be able to easily remember or reset the changes back to the original state. It is easier to simply refresh the browser to undo these unsaved changes than to X exit out of the customizer, and then re-enter the customizer from the Appearance menu.

    So, having the Import operation break this behavior is not really a good thing. (Export does not do this…

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