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  • I am tweaking dark maple for a friend. I started with the one from the alexking contest. That one looked fantastic in IE on a PC. But I use macs, and in safari it was terrible (firefox not so good but better). Nothing lined up.

    I figured I messed up the css, so I got the new maple from moshu’s site. I rebuilt the site with that, being more carefulf in the css this time.

    The second try looks GREAT in safari and firefox on a mac. and Firefox on a pc I am told.

    I was so proud, BUT the guy who I am dong this for uses a pc w/ IE. He says it is all messed up.


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  • In case you go there, I am back to the original dark maple theme now, so that it looks ok for the boss man for now.

    This whole thing is quite frustrating!

    I have an old IE 5.5 on my old pc and the theme works on it. My wife has IE6 on XP – still looks OK.
    I’ve checked the website you gave on both machines and it looks fine.
    Did he clear the cache? Maybe he is seeing your earlier screwed version?

    P.S. There is a special single.php template in the original theme, but it seems you are not using it or you just changed either the code or the css. In the DM the single post is displayed without the right sidebar – that’s why the content area is wider. You have 2 options:
    a) keep the sidebar, but modify the code in the single.php (i.e. change rapsing and contentsing – where “sing” stands for SINGLE – to rap and content
    b) delete the call for the sidebar from your single.php

    And BTW, it has nothing to do with my theme now – except that you forgot to change some colors, like borders and alternate comments 🙂

    How do you decomment in the css?
    I was using <!– whatever –>
    But it should be /* whatever */ Right?

    I am changing that right now.

    On the second theme I tried, I did fix the single pages, not the first, which is what is up right now. I’ll get to that later.

    Thank you though.
    I am very new to this.

    In CSS you should use /*commented out*/
    The other one <!–whatever–> is for HTML.
    // is for PHP

    Contact me if you have more problems: my name here at my domain

    Thanks. I am still a rookie.

    I did a few quick things, and it is atleast viewable. I will dig deeper tonight.

    Both Moshu and I were involved in Gemini / Dark Maples construction so you will forgive us for taking a close interest :). Generally the browser you or your friend uses is a bad starting point for writing robust code. Gemini is designed to work in all the major browsers. Out of the box it is fine in IE 6 and Firefox. If folks hack about with it – particularly to accomodate IE on a Mac – anything can happen.

    Is it possible the the applet clock, the day by day cartoon, or the sitemeter code is messing things up? They all come with their own code to insert (as is they say), and when I ran the xhtml validator most of the errors involved them.

    I got the look back to where it looks great on safari and firefox. (in IE for mac the colors for the sidebar and links are off, but the rest looks good, we aren’t concerned about IE mac, but the appearance of your demo site looks the same in IE as my site does header image, a no show, and side bar colors messed up) Maybe I got it?

    Well my own site is not the same as the Gemini template if that is what you are referring to. Its a lot worse.)

    Really odd, you know. Dark Maple is absolutely spot on for me in both FF 1.0.2 and IE6.whateverthehellitisnow. I can’t imagine having that amount of problems with such a relatively uncomplicated theme.

    I would think it’s the additions you have – especially if they have you adding code in various places.

    Well I am glad you say that. Hundreds of WP users have found it robust and pretty solid cross platform. Minor glitches were fixed very early. Are task here is being made impossible by the wont of a url.

    Also true. But that’s up to the individual, ain’t?

    I was referring to the dark maple demo on moshu’s site.

    It both the Dark Maple Demo and this site ( look great in firefox and safari, right now. The guy I did this for uses a PC and IE. He is on a business trip, so he’s “out of the box” as he puts it.

    My next step if he still has problems is to remove the inserted items.

    As for the design and ease of use it is great. I used the default on my own personnal site, and was afraid of digging into dark maple at first. But once I sat down and focused, it was an ease.

    Hats off to all involved. I am man enough to admit that the problems I am having are entirely my bad.

    The URl was in the first post, just not clickable:

    I am not a designer genius or something – that’s why I used a proven template to start with. That should work cross-platform.
    As for IE, it’s true I didn’t check it on Mac IE, but I did on PC for v5.5 and 6 and it works. It also works in Firefox.
    If I get a constructive feedback about issues in other browsers, I’ll be more than happy to try my best to make the theme enjoyable for everybody.
    However don’t blame me if a tweaked version has 109 validation errors vs. 0 in mine. Check wahtever changes you’ve made.

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