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[Resolved] Browser(?) goofiness ?

  • can’t figure what is going on.

    1) my prime blog in safari looks ok

    2) just upgraded FF. now my prime blog in the latest v3.6 of FF is shrunken ( type much smaller, overall blog narrows ) plus far right column collapses. even the admin section is weird – type size much smaller though width remains the same. end result i see twice the real estate than i did before.

    3) a mirror site of the prime blog on same v3.6 FF is normal size and layout is fine.

    what’s going on with 2) ?

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  • Zoom setting in Firefox? .. (CTRL + 0 to reset that).

    well that did it ! thought it might be as simple as that. did a fresh install, etc. but hit the wrong buttons. btw – i am on a mac so = apple + 0

    thanks !

    There are also kb+mouse combinations, CTRL + Mouse Scroll for me, that also adjust the zoom setting, so it’s very easy to do it without realising.. (CTRL and +, also increase zoom, CTRL and – decrease, at least for windows)

    It’s usually the first thing i check whenever a website looks out of proportion, simply because i’ve made the same mistake enough times to know better now… 😉

    t31os_ your help and comments greatly appreciated. r

    ot – your cat pic = i adopted an 11 year old ocie cat who looked a bit like your picture – back then. now he is 23 yrs old, blind, and sleeping about two feet away.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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