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  • Hey everybody,
    So I am working on my first website right now.. and I am running in a few problems..
    My images on pages don’t get displayed in firefox but in safari they work great.
    So I was wondering what the problem could be…
    I saw online that I should check the “page info” tools but I just can’t seam to find them.

    So after trying to find them for a while I decided to see if the site works at least on chrome… and there it is just all ways of wrong…
    The pages get shown doubled over each other, one blank and then the other on the way it should be but still with out pictures.

    the site is:

    ohh and all the images or directly uploaded to the site.. they are not linked from tumblr or something like that.

    I would really appreciate ever bit of help I could get

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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