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    Hi guys,

    The website I’m working on is

    I’ve followed the detailed instructions of how to install wordpress, but when I try to navigate to the browser (ie, ff and chrome) asks me what I want to do with the file. Do I want to save it or open it? When I choose open and my browser, the same dialogue box pops up.

    I’ve uploaded a ‘phpinfo.php’ file in my root directory and tried to navigate to it to get some info – but the same thing happens. It’s as if php isn’t working correctly on the server?

    NB – I’ve contacted the company that is hosting the website to see if they can help – am waiting to hear back now.

    I’ve done a google search and searched the wp forums, and I can’t really find a clear answer. If anyone out there is able to help, I’d really appreciate it.


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  • It’s as if php isn’t working correctly on the server?

    That seems to be the case. You’ll have to wait for your hosting company to help.

    Looks like your server doesn’t recognize php script. So its just providing the file for download. Not Good!

    What i can see any one can download your php files. So please do yourself a big favor and park the domain and work it out with your host or remove its link from this thread.

    Please do it now!

    Thanks prionkor. Any chance you can tell me how I remove my domain from this thread? I can’t see an option to edit my original post anywhere?
    Thanks heaps

    looks like already have wordpress installed
    And you must have some other website setup in root and that may be the conflict as you can only have index file in root.
    You need move this site of root or install wordpress in folder

    You can only edit your post for an hour after making it. So you can’t remove your domain name any more, and the mods won’t do it without a very good reason.

    The policy is explained in the forum welcome.

    Hey, PHP is working on your server now. So, what you have to do is change the database password. Previously people was able to download you php files so i think somepeople may be downloaded your wp-config.php files.

    So, its safe to change the database password.

    Thanks so much everyone for your help. My hosting company fixed the issue for me; it was a php problem. I’ve taken your advice prionkor and have changed db password just in case.

    Thanks again everyone

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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