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  • tomhanna


    A funny story. I’m trying to modify the widgets on a WP blog (latest edition, downloaded yesterday) and about half the time when using Firefox (latest edition, updated a few days ago), I can’t modify the titles, etc. in the Widgets page of the Presentation Editor. So I switch to Explorer where this page works consistently…and I notice at the bottom something I don’t get in Firefox. A little button that says “Browse Happy” and encourages me to switch from using Internet Explorer…the browser that is actually working right. Just a thought – if you want to encourage people to switch away from IE, make the dashboard work consistently with Firefox and forget the cute little button.

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  • Dgold



    that is funny indeed. That browsehappy button is out-dated (from the days of IE6), poorly placed in WP interface, and appears rather self-serving, yet certain developer(s) insist on leaving it there because of personal ties or ownership or stewardship of the antiquated BrowseHappy crusade. It is SO 2005. Embarrassing albeit minor flaw of WP, that will probably not go away anytime soon, based on the defense of it that I have seen a dev write*. 🙁

    * It was actually briefly removed but a higher-up wanted it added-back in.

    best to just ignore it and use whatever browser YOU choose, as well as finding and measuring happiness in your own way. 🙂

    As you have seen, try multiple browsers, since none is perfect.

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