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    ok I’m a beginner yes I know it sucks! and I’m sorry you have to read all the crappy stuff beginners post but I have to learn and I have tried researching I’m just not “getting” it… I need it to go click in my brain so I can understand

    I’m using a template and have made some changes (yes I still have no idea what I’m doing and its all trial and error but I’m slowly making it work!

    What my issue is – is viewing it on other browsers… I’m not sure if its just me and my computer but I have tried clearing cache’s and cookies etc but in some browsers its just not updating

    my default is chrome and I also have firefox and IE9

    I’m able to view my wesite fine on chrome and IE9 but not on firefox – weird stuff happens!

    I’m guessing its in my script somewhere but I would like to know what to check for and what do I need to include to make sure its visible in all common browsers etc

    my website is (Its still a working progress so please no sarcasm! I would really appreciate your help.


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  • You have a few mark-up errors that are no doubt causing that problem. The first one in particular.

    HI WPyogi

    Thanks heaps for the quick response – I have revised that first one and deleted the lot of li stuff and just made it a plain a tag.

    But with the other errors I’m totally lost as I never did any of that coding its all in the template that I downloaded. Would you have any suggestions :S

    Line 74, Column 231: Bad value category for attribute rel on element a: Keyword category is not registered.
    …posts in Uncategorized” rel=”category”>Uncategorized   <img src=…

    This I have no idea what it means ! πŸ™

    There is two search boxes on my website’s front page is that what the duplicate ID searchboxes are about? There is one near my menu and one in the sidebar.

    Don’t worry about the keyword errors — they won’t affect the layout — they have to do with coding standards changing. The duplicate ID is a problem because under HTML code rules you cannot have more than one occurrence of an ID on a page. So you could change the second ID — though you might then also need to change the CSS code so it affects both search boxes.

    thanks WPyogi – I now only have the one error code remaining.

    My layout in firefox is still showing weird things though πŸ™

    But at least now I know how to validate my coding! πŸ™‚

    It looks like there is no menu CSS code working at all…how did you create the menu?

    I’m looking at FF and Safari on a Mac.

    And yes, validating is actually really helpful sometimes, not to mention a good standard to aspire to!

    ah thats ok i’m currently only just putting it in now – I’m creating it from scratch – there was never any coding for a navigational menu in the them

    this is the original theme

    as you can see the top of the “diary” is the header and so I had to edit the graphic in photo shop and clear it up so that it would just be an image so I could put in my own header and then under the header img my own navigational menu. I have buttons made and stuff its just putting it all together in the layout I understand the code to make the buttons change with a rollover, and link them to pages and things like that but the layout is where I’m very unfamiliar so whenever I change something and the whole page goes wacko I have to sort of trial and error figure it out lol!

    Any help you could provide would br great as I know its a simple thing for an experienced person but you cant teach someone years of experience in a couple of weeks lol! πŸ™ damn! πŸ™

    with regards to the layout what would be the best div,id’s etc to use

    I have the wrapper and then I was using a page-header id for the header image

    then I have another navigational div for the menu and then another pageheader1 id for the top of the notebook image.

    if that makes ANY sense to ya! haha πŸ™‚

    Gotcha…it’s actually a really nice looking site so far, and you really had only a few errors. Believe me, there are some sites with tons of errors…

    If you have not see it, this is good info on Menus:

    Oh, and there is actually a separate validator for CSS — you have a few things you should fix — the first three are probably causing problems.

    All the errors having to do with webkit or moz-border-radius — don’t worry about those – the coding standards don’t recognize those styles but all browsers do and they are widely used.

    The layout seems fine — though most, if not all, themes put the nav section inside the header section (header.php file). You ARE using the different page section php files, right?

    This would likely be helpful (if you have not already seen it):

    yeah I am using the header.php file for the header stuff like all those id’s are all in there and then I change it all in the CSS style page.

    I will definitely look into those errors – what great sites (the validators!!) thanks for that definitely valuable information!

    The logo error that is number 3 was an ID I deleted and removed from the Header PHP. but its still in the CSS coding so I shall delete that too. I never would have thought that would make errors happen lol!

    Thanks so much for your time today I really appreciate it and have a bit more reading ahead for me! if I have any questions I will be back LOL! πŸ™‚

    and I will take your comment about the look of my website as a massive compliment – its taken alot of time and researh to find the layout that I wanted and then designed my own look with the graphics etc. So I’m glad I have finally settled on a theme thats starting to show. as you can see I’m also working on the colouring of the notebook and the shadowing but I would love to get some ideas and suggestions from you in the future once I’m happy with it!

    Thanks again WP yogi! :)I hope once I sort out those Errors it shows up better (once I get my menu in place too!)

    i’ll be back πŸ™‚

    Thankyou WP Yogi! check it out now!!!

    I’m so proud hehe!!! I have others things I want to do but now I have the hover menu working etc !! and the layout seems great on explorer and firefox let me know if it works on safari if you would please!

    thanks so much!


    Oh yes! It’s looks great! You should be proud of it — all the graphics/images and the design are lovely. The one thing you might want to be aware of is that there is a bit of a time lag for it to load — because of all the images — but that’s probably not that big of a deal especially since once someone has been on the site, their browser usually caches stuff — and there is no more lag.

    Good luck with it…

    thanks WPyogi

    I have two more questions for you (so sorry)

    is it possible to compress the images and optimize them for web at all when I save them in Photoshop as they are just saved as .PNG

    and two

    I was looking at galleries all day yesterday…
    do you have any suggestions…. all I would like to do is open up my gallery button to a page in the notebook with albums of pics and titles underneath that people can click on and then that album opens up all the bigger pictures from that album in a new page…

    Gallery Page > albums with thumbnails and titles > larger pics of the albums once the thumbnail is clicked on.

    I’m sort of getting a bit lost with all this new script writing and java etc if you could point me into a direction or have any ideas that would be great!


    I’m pretty sure that PS must have an option for optimizing for web — but I don’t know it well enough to answer that. Or google for other options.

    I’m not personally familiar with various gallery plug-ins though I do know NextGen is widely used and know a few people who are happy with it. But partly it depends on your theme — as some may have conflicts with plug-ins. So best bet is to just experiment. Do be aware of updated dates and any compatibility info for the plug-in and/or theme.

    Thanks WPYogi and thanks heaps for your help!!

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