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  • hey, i hope someone can help me. i recently downloaded a layout/theme i love. but the images in my posts seem to control the post. and the words arrange around them where there’s space.
    the images also run over previous posts.
    please see example here. the images are supposed to be under each numbered item and centered in the post.

    i’m guessing it’s a style.css issue?

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  • css and xhtml

    In your stylesheet you have images floating right. For more control over image placement in posts, try creating position classes.

    Also the sort of mixed list you’re trying to achieve in that post can be done in different ways, but the simplest (closest to plain html) is with alternating lists (ul, li, etc.). <p> alone won’t get you there. Using lists also won’t address the image positioning. You could try to hack the single post this way for the moment, but if it’s something you want to do regularly, then consider doing some research on and learning to create the required names and values in the css.



    Hi. I’m having a similar problem and am too much a noob to understand the above re: creating position classes.

    When I include an image in my post, I align right. Yet each post is publishing with image aligned left.

    I assume it’s something in my theme. After reading this , I checked my site validation and found 94 errors, none relating to the image alignment.

    Suggestions would be welcomed.



    Hi. I solved my issue.

    I’m using the Bytes for All Theme. It offers the option of shutting off the image float override.

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